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    Teen Witch

    This is the first time I've bought a movie for an upcoming HDTGM. I've never seen it and I found it on a double feature DVD with The Heavenly Kid, which I have seen.
  2. Uninvited (1988) Hard Ticket To Hawaii Death Wish 3 Hell Comes to Frog Town Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
  3. JasonHershey

    Ricochet (1991)

    This is a great movie. I don't think it would work for a HDTGM episode.
  4. JasonHershey

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)

    This would be a good one to do. They could spend an entire episode just making fun of the henchmen in bulletproof trench coats.
  5. JasonHershey

    Death Wish 3 (1985)

    I really wish they would do this one. What happened to Michael Winner? How did he go from the super gritty Death Wish to the cartoon that is Death Wish 3. That said I consider this to be one of the most watchable films ever. If it's on TV I have to watch it. I think it was AMC that used to do "Can't get enough Death WIsh" week a few years back. That was a great day to have off work. I work the weekend shift and I remember years ago I had the flu really bad and was off sick. It just happened to be "Can't get enough Death Wish" week. It was so worth being sick for.
  6. JasonHershey

    The Boogens (1981)

    This movie had so much potential, but it just ends up being boring. The Boogens are just basically turtles. On the up side it has the chick from Sledgehammer in it.
  7. JasonHershey

    TANK (1984)

    This movie started out being really enjoyable and then turned to shit toward the end. My favorite tank themed movie is The Beast.
  8. JasonHershey


    Awe man, I was hoping this was going to be about the De Palma film.
  9. JasonHershey


    This is one of those movies that they played in grade school. The only time I've ever seen it was in grade school and I'm pretty sure I saw it daycare and in like first grade which would've been like 1989.
  10. JasonHershey

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

    A friend and I have a running joke about this movie. The title basically assures you there will be a sequel, my friend and I occasionally say something like, "Wonder when that Remo Williams sequel will be hitting theaters?"
  11. JasonHershey

    Freaked (1993)

    I don't know how well this would work for HDTGM. I consider it to be a great movie, it's goofy but everything works in my opinion not much to make fun of.
  12. JasonHershey

    Medicine Man (1992)

    I remember how pumped me and my dad were for this movie. The trailer looked amazing, when we finally saw the movie it was such a disappointment.
  13. JasonHershey

    The Lair of The White Worm (1988)

    I need to rewatch this I remember liking it.
  14. One of the better cash-ins on Star Wars mania. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z351Gqxiv8E
  15. JasonHershey

    Stone Cold (1991)

    I love this movie. The cast is amazing, the effects are fantastic, and the mullet is everything you could ever want and more. This movie should have a theatrical rerelease. The Boz is actually quite good in it. Unfortunately it was 1991 and not 1985, so not a great time to start your action movie career.