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    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    Help! I'm an Android user (Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and I've been sent over here from the WTF app. So far I'm still only listening to WTF but I like the look of loads of the stuff on here. The app was working great at first with the occasional glitch but now it's completely messed up; once it hits the main screen displaying all the different shows available, the graphics basically freeze most of the time. I can't seemingly enter any of the shows depicted, I can't even pull down the phone's own options over the Howl screen. When I hold down the phone's home screen to show active programs it will actually show Howl as if it was working properly, ie it will show the WTF sub-menu or whatever. I have even managed to navigate blind to play a few random episodes but this is really no good, I want to be able to download the premium episodes and play them sequentially. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times but no luck. Has anyone else been experiencing this?