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    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    I'm convinced UTU2TM is mankind's greatest achievement.
  2. CarlosHalston

    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    Hearing our plugs theme get played was def the highlight of my 98 (or so) years on this Earth. Thanks for the kind words, Mr.Fiddlesticks and Face Like Thunder! Cobra in Plug Bag
  3. CarlosHalston

    Aukerman's Famous Plugs

    nice one!
  4. We ventured into the heart of the jungle to record this one, gang. https://soundcloud.c...bra-in-plug-bag No snake in the plug bag So reach in without any fear No cobra no viper in plug bag Brag about your blockbuster career Plug Bag! x 8 Featuring elephants, rhinos, monkeys, rattlesnakes and Halston. Happy New Year! Carlos
  5. for your consideration... https://soundcloud.c...n/where-is-plug "Where is your plug? Time to whip it out and tug. Even if your career is not so hot, make shit up about a pilot you just shot. Where is your plug?" (after "Where is Love?" from Oliver!) Cheers! - Carlos