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    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    As much as June and many others may feel that Grease 2 is a better substitute film for coming of age I still feel that Grease 1 is better at showing the “teens” maturing. In the first film you see the “teens” making decisions that they later learn from. And it’s through the love of Danny and Sandy that gets us, the viewers, invested in the movie and helps push the it forward. All Grease 2 does is show the kids accepting Sandy’s cousin. Nobody really seems to come across any real conflict. And the movie just seems to be a feature length tv special of a popular teen show from the 70s/80s.
  2. JohnPadron

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    I would just like to point out a few things. 1. I believe there is at least two Easter eggs. The first being the character name of Penn Jillette ,Hal. This is a reference to the super computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The other, which I may be looking too deep, has to do with the pay phone hacking. If I'm not mistaken, this may have came from a man that went by the name Captain Crunch. Back in the 70's he found a way the hack the phone system similar to that in the film. He did this to help blind people to make phone calls but also got a hold of the White House. I think that the writers should have given him a bigger nod being that he sold his share of Apple before it became big in the 80's and to see that there is product placement throughout the move. 2. The 2nd opening song of the film is the 2nd to the last song in Mortal Kombat. Both movies that were released in 1995 just about a month apart. 3. Lastly Marc Anthony is in this movie. He plays one of the agents that is staking out the kids. This leaves me with a question. Will Nicolas Cage be a great as one of the agents?