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  1. This one is kind of a small, non-Hollywood Christian movie. You can see some clips on Youtube. Funniest thing I've ever seen. A couple of "oy vey!" saying Jews have to move to the Midwest, among Christians. The son immediately starts having visions of Jesus, and kind of converts. The father has a lot of hammy scenes trying to change his mind. Then the father reads the Bible. His wife asks him if he thinks Jesus is the Messiah. Father says, "No....no I don't......I KNOW he is!" By this time the son has gained miraculous healing powers and heals his cousin in a wheelchair. It turns out you can kind of be Jewish but still kind of Christian and everybody's happy, but basically the Christians are right.
  2. brickly

    The Number 23 (2007)

    Please do The Number 23. Jim Carey supposedly fired his manager and agent at the premiere. One of the most ludicrous, contrived plots in movie history, soulful, tribal-tattoed and beater-wearing Jim Carey, some nonsense about the number 23, and lots of lines like, "We’re not crazy. We circled every 23rd word on every 23rd page, and it told us to come down here!"