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  1. Go toward the sun and your shadow will follow behind you.
  2. Do you guys write these with Scott's voice in your head, too?
  3. I dreamed of a modern genie that can clean his own fucking lamp.
  4. Dead_Armadillos

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    Geez guys, I LOL'd in my fucking pants. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hope that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day
  6. Dead_Armadillos

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    It's weird to get a stiffy when you read a podcast description. It's even weirder spending the next hour trying to rub one out whilst listening to that episode.
  7. Dead_Armadillos


    Hey love, show us your personality!
  8. And do your best to make eye contact with the people waiting at the red light.