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    The Death of Superman Lives

    Loved this doc. I watched it on YouTube. It would've been THE mark of nick cages career. God I would love to go back in time and make this happen.
  2. JulianneJordan

    Krull (1983)

    Have loved this movie since I was a kid. as an adult I see just how insane this movie is. An alien race invades a mideval level planet, and the natives never freak out? Like, "holy $#!+, we just got invaded by space traveling super beings?!" But I guess when every member of your race is a fire magician, nothing scares or surprises you? Not to mention a way way young Liam Neeson. Still love this movie.
  3. JulianneJordan

    San Andreas (2015)

    When I saw this in theatres I was so excited. It knew exactly what it was. A disaster movie with great effects, great shots of destruction, terrible science and well known actors to sell it all. This movie was so bonkers and I'd love to hear an episode on it. Throughout the movie I could not stop laughing at the ridiculous things happening, even though I was getting weird stares from everyone in the theatre. They just didn't understand how much fun I was having. This is definitely one of those fun crappy movies I would watch over with friends who hadn't seen it yet.
  4. JulianneJordan

    The Touch (2002)

    Starring Michelle Yeoh Recently watched this on Netflix. I just, have so little words. It was awesome and awesomely bad. Violent and glorious but so, so crappy. My mind exploded a few times watching this. And tbh, I gave it four stars. I definitely bought in wholeheartedly into this movie, and had a fun time watching it. Though I'm still very, very confused about what I watched. Loved it.