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    EPISODE 70 — Racist Stuff White People Believe

    I have to agree that the defense of something/ someone racist or otherwise problematic mostly by fans end up being more off putting than whatever the controversy was originally about. Whether it's Donald Trump's comments about Mexicans or Muslims or how fans defend xyz celebrity caught using a slur eg Gary Oldman, doing race face eg Colton Haynes, or stereotyping a marginalized group eg Adam Sandler. Not to mention the difference in response if a talent of color does something problematic or outright wrong. Like the response to Bill Cosby as compared to Woody Allen, up and until court transcripts and been released there was no "proof" other than the accusations themselves but responses and support were much different. Did Judd Apatow come out and openly attack Woody Allen, he was accused by his own daughter, which has a kind of subjective weight. How folks still revere John Lennon despite being a domestic abuser just like Chris Brown. Critiques of a women of color compared to white woman, how Beyonce is not feminist for wearing skimpy outfits and twerking but Miley Cyrus is a feminist icon for being naked and twerking. Then there is the rationale by the offender themselves. Ridley Scott and Darren Aronofsky's explanation for why they whitewashed Exodus and Noah is more offensive in the end than the whitewashing itself. Or when Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, Tilda Swinton, Christian Bale, etc tell us why they took xyz role; ranging from privileged ignorance, their intent over impact excuses, or straight up denial that anything's wrong. Similar to how straight and cisgender actors are cast to play queer characters.
  2. WilliamKWallace

    Episode 61 — The Year in Movies (2015)

    Whenever there is a conversation, why are women of color always left out. Why does no one ever notice their absence. Aside from the fact that Black Panther and Captain Marvel look like token leads.
  3. WilliamKWallace

    Episode 60 — Mind Blowing Movie Thought Experiments

    Funny, whenever I think of Tarantino I don't think of a filmic genius but rather the fuck ton of n-words I'd have to sit through. Add that the realization that like this podcast will be mostly white men who are unconsciously having that offensive slur, out their mouths, normalized for them to the point where it doesn't even oocur to them that this might offend black people.