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  1. You feel like the plastic of someone else's toys.
  2. itsa7eat9world

    EPISODE 119 — Friends, Our Close Friends

    I can't wait until the days when we can all look back on the period of cult podcast Hollywood Handbook when its hosts were separated by geographical distance and then finally came back together triumphantly. The Scharpling and DC episodes will be remembered fondly, but now I think from now on we'll have to suffer through Sean on every ep. I took a novel writing class with DC. I'm pretty cool. So is he. So is Hayes. Sean not so much. Jk lol rotfl. Sean's way funny. I like this show and now I'm posting on its forums, which is something I consider rather silly, but am doing anyway because I want to show Hayes and Sean and all you other forum readers that I get it. I'm in on the joke. I have a terrific sense of humor. I, like Hayes and Sean, am very funny. Some of you are too. I'm watching Hackers as I write this. I think it might be the greatest film to come out of the '90s. Anyone with an opinion on this please let me know.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCapqaJKcRawNrCBmvPR_33A
  4. itsa7eat9world

    Saturn 3 (1980)

    Agreed. Like a lot of other How Did This Get Made movies, this flick isn't terrible but it's hugely disappointing. Stanley Donen directing, genius British satirist/novelist Martin Amis writing the script and Clockwork Orange/Star Wars production designer John Barry with the story and original directorial effort (before Donen swept in to try and clean it up). The actors are all good enough, but just can't elevate the flat, seen-it-before story (it's basically Demon Seed). Kirk Douglas is trying to still be sexy at his advanced age and Harvey Keitel's voice dubbing is disquieting at best. Farrah Fawcett's at the peak of her acting-by-being-sexy career and you get to see her tits (hola, Jason: there's a deleted scene of her in this sexy sexy "coming out dress" that's definitely worth a view). The robot's fucking stupid and there's an incredibly simple/stupid Scooby Doo style trap they set for it towards the end. It should've been an interesting sci-fi movie, but it's boring and trite. Amis later wrote about his work on the project in Money which is funny as fuck and so much stronger overall (from a literary standpoint) than his script for this P.O.S. I wondered how it got made at several points and reading up a little bit on the imdb trivia page granted some suitably ridiculous answers. I still have more questions, however, and a HDTGM episode would hopefully answer them and put a smile on my face and a laugh in my wherever-laughs-come-from-zone. I'm relatively new to the forums and I don't know if anyone reads this shit, but Saturn 3 would make an excellent HDTGM episode. Just imagining what it could be like makes me happy. I can't imagine how happy an actual episode would make me. I beg you to consider doing one. Shout Factory put out a great Blu-Ray release with some pointless special features that are also worth a watch. Even if they don't do an episode, everyone reading this should watch this fascinatingly disappointing film.
  5. itsa7eat9world

    Samurai Cop (1991)

    This movie needs to be done. It begs the "how did this get made" question more than maybe any other film I've seen. They didn't have lights so they just shot during the day. The lead actor cut his hair so they had to use a terrible terrible wig for reshoots. Robert Z'Dar is in it as a man who is maybe supposed to be Japanese? Oh and the main character is said to speak fluent Japanese but never displays this. It needs a wider audience. HDTGM can and thus has a duty to supply this. Plus I think you guys would really dig it. This post is probably a drop in the ocean, but I've rarely ever been more sincere. There really ought to be an ep for this. Consider my voice one of many saying that and just record one already.
  6. itsa7eat9world

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    i'm already so confused. how does a newbie like me get all ingratiated in your lingo speak? should i be reading more internets? like reddit and such business? i don't think that shiz is as funny as the hollywood handbook shiz.... is that bad? please tell me how it works here. i want to be accepted. how do i get accepted? any advice?
  7. itsa7eat9world

    EPISODE 113 — Listeners, Our Close Friends 3

    hey i think i want to be all like on the forums now, after hearing all these involved people and their VERY FUNNY contributions to the podcast. what's up with that? how do i get involved? i like the podcast very much and i want to be as funny as the other contributors. how happens that? do i need to take some UCB brigadiers courses or something? i took 101 but like i don't feel that much funnier.... i'm okay with spending a lot of time on here but i just haven't done that yet. should i be checking in here all the time? how regularly should i be checking in? i'm very funny. i'd like to share my funniness with sean and hayes. and like chanson and shit. what's the deal? anyone wanna fill me in? shit i hate doing this but like i think sean and hayes are funny. and you guys do too? a lot of other people do not.