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  1. So here are a few of the thoughts I had.... I think I saw this when it came out, maybe 13 at the time, but I don't fully remember it. So I rented it, watched it, then listened to the episode. I felt that I understood the general story well, so I'm wondering if the gang played up their confusion for the sake of comedy, or they just didn't pay much attention while watching. 1. I took it that Lamont Cranston went to Asia after WWI and decided not to return home and wound up a drug kingpin. I'm guessing he always had psychic powers but was untrained. I think most of this movie treats Cranston and Khan as Jedi. I also thought that based on the timeline presented and their familiarity that Khan possibly trained around the same time as Cranston. Khan was also an untrained psychic or telepath or whatever. I also think that because Cranston struggled between good and evil, light and dark, that he wasn't as powerful as Khan, who had no conflict. Again, it's like a Jedi/Star Wars thing. Cranston only overcomes Khan when he gives himself fully to good, thus increases his strength. 2. The hotel was clearly explained. The hotel was constructed but never opened. So when Khan took it and hypnotized the city to not see it, there were never any occupants. 3. Cranston does not become a shadow. He can hypnotize/cloud/Jedi mind trick people to not see him. But that only affects a person's perspective. To an inanimate object that gives off light, like a light bulb or the sun, Cranston is still there. His body will obstruct rays of light to cast a shadow. Now, why he can't mesmerize people to not see his shadow makes no sense. Also makes no sesne why the hotel casts no shadow. 4. Here's something I was wondering about Khan: Obviously he wants to rule the world and bring back the rise of the Mongolian dynasty of Gengis Khan. To demonstrate his power, he's going to destroy the city that embodies the new "decadant cradle of civilzation" that is New York City. However, Khan doesn't seem to mind a lot of the luxuries of the Western lifestyle. Unironically, he wants to be more like Cranston. He wants a nice suit. He wants to enjoy bourbon. He cuts his hair and trims his beard. So Khan is a bit of a hypocrite in this sense. Now, here are a few more things I understood once I did a little Googling .... 1. Cranston mesmerizes people to see a different face as the Shadow because Alec Baldwin's features do not match the traditional image of the character. The Shadow's face is long and lean. Even though we only ever see his brow to his nose, Shadow's features are angular and sharp. His cheekbones are pronounced, his brow is strong, and his nose is long and hawklike. Alec Baldwin's face is round and soft, and his face was starting to fill out as he was closing in on middle age. The filmmakers needed a reason for Alec Baldwin's face to match that of the classical artwork, hence mesmerism again. Should a remake happen, filmmakers would want to cast a guy with features like Adrian Brody. 2. The film version of the Shadow is a mix of two prior versions of the character. So the Shadow started as a radio character (played by Orson Wells, wow) who could mesmerize people to not see him. He had a hat and cloak but didn't have to really hide his face (I guess) because he was always invisible. Then the character was adapted to pulp novels and was powerless. He was just a detective with a hat, cape, and a scarf to cover his face. 3. There's a kind of better version of this movie, and it was made by Sam Rami four years prior. From what I've read online, Rami couldn't get the rights to the character, so he made Darkman. I have seen Darkman recently, and now that I think about it Darkman is definitely The Shadow, starring Liam Neeson.... a guy with a distinctive brow and nose, even if it is covered by gore makeup and bandages most of the time. Comparing the two, Rami's film is better and had he obtained the rights, Rami's Shadow might have been on par with Burton's Batman films. One last thing, because I can't resist ending my first really in-depth post this way .... DUCK TITTIESSSS!!!!!!!!!
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    Blind Fury (1989)

    YES! I own this because it's a kind of garbage I can't deny enjoying for how bad it is.
  3. Sad to say I own many Cannon films. Superman 4, Over the Top, Masters of the Universe, just to name the HDTGM alumi.
  4. I've read about it, but never saw it before tonight. It's 90 minutes. It's practically Episode IV 1/2. It's worth watching for remembering how awful sci-fi or the late 1970s or both at the same time were to watch. Here are a few highlights, but it must be seen to be believed. 1. Multiple of instances of long stretches, 10 minutes or more, with no dialogue. Only Wookiee growls. No subtitles. 2. Chewie's family reminds me of Donkey Kong Country. Chewie is Donkey Kong. His wife is Kandy Kong, his son is Diddy Kong, his dad is Kranky Kong. 3. Cirq du Solie shows up. 4. There in an entire sequence in which Chewie's wife watches a cooking show. 5. Chewie's dad starts watching what at first seems to be a porno, in the middle of the living room. A human woman shows up in what looks like his virtual reality headset, says she's all of his fantasies, and says she finds this thing, which you have to see, is adorable. He rewinds and replays that part multiple times. He may be about to start beating his Wookie dork like a it owes him Republic credits, but she sings a song instead. The visuals make her look like an extra from an Earth, Wind & Fire video. 6. Chewie's kid is a little shit. I wanted the stormtrooper to shoot him in the face. Gramps thinks he's a little shit, too. 7. Mark Hamill looks like a human Ken doll. 8. Wookie Christmas is called Life Day. They celebrate by wearing snuggies, holding snow globes, and listening to a coked up Carrie Fisher sing. 9. Harrison Ford isn't even trying to act, and he's still pretty good in his 2 scenes. 10. Art Carney plays a huckster/handyman/salesman. He's more unbearable than 3PO on smack. 11. A band that I thought was Yes has a musical number. The singer's microphone looks like a pink/purple lightsaber dildo. 12. Oh shit, is that Bea Arthur?!? It is. She gets a musical number, too. 13. Going by end credits, George Lucas didn't make this, but he was not even given a "created by" credit. I can see why he's disavowed this piece of shit. 14. I bet a lot of people were disappointed to see this on CBS that night. It took the time slot of Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk. 15. Multiple instances of implied bestiality beyond gramps jerkin' his hairy lightsaber to the girl in the music video: Chewie's wife gazes lustfully at Han. Captain Solo was bangin' his first mate's old lady! WTF!