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  1. Nah. I'll take live shows over nothing any day.
  2. What does this mean? She wore the wrong thongs as in someone else's thongs? Why would she even have the wrong thongs in her possession? And shouldn't thongs "ride up" anyway?
  3. Hi-cut, sure. Hi-cut butt curtains...no.
  4. Guys, do all frogs have 3 snakes? Then do the female frogs have 3 snake...holes?
  5. Can we talk about the MedTech clinic scene? There was a tiny Erlenmeyer flask containing some blue liquid boiling away in the beginning and they keep playing that boiling sound throughout the scene. There were other various medical sounds like a ventilator and a HR monitor, but Hell wasn't hooked up to any of those. I know this isn't ER, but WTF were those weird flashing machines in the background? They didn't look like ECG machines, even though Hell was hooked up to leads. What really got me was the hospital gown. They couldn't give him a full adult gown? Supposedly they had a "maternity ward" (as the PA announced a code blue in the MW), so they must have had adult sized gowns. Yet he was wearing a child's gown with a pink bow tied around his neck. And the print? Smiling puppies in pastel. WHY.
  6. Good lord, I hated this movie. Some corrections/nit-picks about the podcast: 1. Jason said there were 2 nuclear wars, but I think he misheard the intro. Regarding the nuclear war, the narrator said after 10 days, 10,000 years of human progress was wiped out. Then, "10 years later, they tried again," meaning they tried to rebuild human progress. 2. Speaking of narrators, Daniel Stern was not the narrator of Stand by Me (as incorrectly stated by Paul). He was the voice of future-Kevin in the Wonder Years (as Jason said). 3. Donald Duck's middle initial is not D! His full name is Donald Fauntelroy Duck. I only know this, because it was a question from the classic version of Trivial Pursuit. On further research, I found out that Donald Duck is the only major Disney character that has a middle name. 4. Sam Champion wouldn't do movie reviews, even for the cab tv! He's the local weather guy.
  7. No, the head MedTech nurse (?) said the overall male population was reduced by 68% due to the war. War also made most people sterile.
  8. But in public, you'd have to pretend to be #TeamMarissa so she doesn't kill you.
  9. That's weird, because in the end credits, it's listed as the ECR.
  10. tomspanks

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    Is it just me or does John Mulaney sound like Tina Belcher? Especially towards the end when he went "uhhhhhhh." Is he secretly a smart, strong, sensual woman?
  11. tomspanks

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    This bothered me a lot. In addition to the skatelights providing shaky, unsteady light, they appear to illuminate about 2-3 inches around the tip of the foot, which won't help at all when you want to skate at any speed. The light beam would need to reach at least 5 ft ahead of you. There's a reason why headlights are a thing. You turn your head to look at something and the light follows. With skatelights, you'd have to remember to turn your feet towards the direction you're looking at. I dunno, maybe the lights were just for decoration like light-up shoes.
  12. tomspanks

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    My terror-inducing childhood movie scene is from Predator, when Carl Weathers' arm gets chopped off, falls to the ground, and the gun that was in his hand keeps shooting.
  13. I was on a crowded subway train, listening to this episode. When Casey ended her story with the "hnrghhhh" I nearly died from trying to stifle my laughter. My friend also had an encounter with a micropenis and she also described it as a wine cork.
  14. tomspanks

    Episode 134.5 - Minisode 134.5

    I remember watching this as a kid and loving it.
  15. tomspanks

    Episode 134 - Can't Stop the Music: LIVE!

    The most useless genitals are man nipples. There, I said it. I don't think the podcast addressed this. Jack's mother was played by June Havoc, sister of Gypsy Rose Lee. From vaudeville star to the Village People biopic. I thought maybe the model agent getting stuck in the telephone booth was going to be a reference to La Cabina (The Telephone Box), a short TV film from the 70s, but it never went anywhere. Also, this was the moment that made me love this movie. The Native American village people comes out of the grocery store, carrying a bag of corn. A-maize-ing! Sorry about the poor pic quality. Lastly, this party guest made me do a double take, because she looked like Veruca Salt, all grown up.
  16. tomspanks

    Episode 133 - The Quest

    Man, I'm so behind on my podcast episodes this week. I agree with Paul about the ridiculousness of the announcers declaring that the Chinese fighter was moving like a snake/monkey/tiger as if they've never seen that before. You would think an announcer for an international fighting tournament would have the background information of the major styles of martial arts from each country. There are various kung fu styles, but those taught at shaolin schools, such as the imitative styles of the snake, monkey, tiger, etc would be familiar to these announcers.
  17. I loved this bible verse: "..was stoned to death with spears."
  18. tomspanks

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    I noticed the duck/geese decor too, especially in the kitchen. I love your explanation for it.
  19. tomspanks

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    There was also a black girl in the background at the pool, sitting on a bench.
  20. tomspanks

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    At the end of the movie, Louise Guzman gives up her amulet and her powers. But earlier in the movie, Serena said that the amulet had belonged to the original Salem Louise Guzman and that it had somehow found the 80s Louise Guzman. Wouldn't it just try to get back to Louise?