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  1. But what about negative numbers, fractions, and decimals? You guys, it's going to take us even longer to write down all the numbers.
  2. Shoot, I must have missed previous mentions of Dolores' husband. I totally agree about the will-they-won't-they thing. "Hey Dolores" = "as you wish."
  3. All this time, I thought Dolores and Mitch were a couple! Was she always married to someone else? Why would she spend so much time with Mitch if she was already married? Well, I guess now that Dolores' husband is dead, she can date Mitch. Wait, is Mitch married to someone else? Unghh! I've never been so invested in fake people from an internet commercial.
  4. tomspanks

    Episode 127 - Kazaam: LIVE!

    Billy Blanks was a stuntman in Kazaam: ETA: Also, why does Max keep his Science text book in his drawer for clothes?
  5. In the cooking segment, Mala "cooked" the raw meat in a bucket by stirring, whipping, and beating. But was it me or was there no fire to cook the raw meat? I guess it makes sense to NOT have a fire inside a tree, as this could be a fire hazard, but then why do you need to stir/whip/beat a piece of raw meat? Just make some steak tartare and be done with it. Also, Lumpy is seen taking out the garbage. Who is collecting the garbage and how? Don't they live very high up in trees?