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  1. There have been previous mentions of Dolores' husband. One ad took place at their vow renewal. In my mind, Mitch and Dolores are middle-aged, have known each other as friends for many years, and have had a will-they-won't-they thing going for almost as long. I don't think she wants to leave her husband for him, but I think she secretly likes him anyway. Doesn't the end of the ad suggest Dolores' husband isn't really dead after all? Did he pull a Sherlock? Does he just want Dolores to be happy with Mitch but doesn't want a messy divorce? I am also giving this too much thought!


    Shoot, I must have missed previous mentions of Dolores' husband.

    I totally agree about the will-they-won't-they thing. "Hey Dolores" = "as you wish."

  2. In the cooking segment, Mala "cooked" the raw meat in a bucket by stirring, whipping, and beating. But was it me or was there no fire to cook the raw meat? I guess it makes sense to NOT have a fire inside a tree, as this could be a fire hazard, but then why do you need to stir/whip/beat a piece of raw meat? Just make some steak tartare and be done with it.


    Also, Lumpy is seen taking out the garbage. Who is collecting the garbage and how? Don't they live very high up in trees?

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