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  1. Am I the only one who remembers the Saturday morning cartoon show Phantom 2040? It was set in the future (2040) and had the Phantom story continuing on. With some research I found that it was incredibly well received but remains obscure. There was even a video game for Sega Genesis and and Super Nintendo. I remember watching this film as a kid because I loved the cartoon, I was incredibly disappointed...
  2. ChrisWilborn

    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    I have a theory about the relationship between Art Carney and Itchy. I feel that they're friendship sprung out of a sex club for humans who are sexually attracted to Wookiees and vice versa. This is evidenced by the fact that Art Carney chooses to live on Kashyyk and tries to get a very awkward kiss out of Chewbacca's wife. It would also explain why he brought a pornographic hologram for Itchy (as if he brings them all the time) and why Itchy was so attracted to a human woman (shouldn't it have been a Wookiee)?