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    EPISODE 126 - The Star Wars Holiday Special

    Shame on you "How Did This Get Made" podcast pundits! It was so easy to piss on Chewie, trotting out the tired trope of the deadbeat dad. How about deadbeat mom Mala and deadbeat grandpa Itchy?! Those two did not give any f**ks about Lumpy going out on the porch by himself without adult supervision while Lumpy performs a death-defying high wire act on the handrail 500 feet above the ground! You took the easy shots at Lumpy's daddy issues but missed the forest for the trees! Open your eyes dudes (and lady)! It takes a village! Chewie's out hustlin' to support his family the best way he knows how, despite not getting any love from his old lady at home and no respect from his whiny kid! While the breadwinner is away bustin' his hairy a** on business trips, Lumpy is receiving gifts in exchange for kisses from Carney, Mala makes out with Carney and pines for his old balls and Itchy mooches off the fruits of Chewie's hardwork and gets off watching porn in the living room! Again, Mala and Itchy give no f**ks about how their behavior and immorality might affect Lumpy! Chewie just wants to earn an honest living with these long trips away from home supporting his dysfunctional family, all while resisting his inter-species sexual attraction to his best friend! Much Love, Greasy