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  1. How much Chuck chuck a chuckwood wood if a chuckwood could wood chuck?
  2. Nothing comes out of a vacuum, but I certainly came into one
  3. Touch my dingy dong, my hands are wet.
  4. Stan Lee's reaction to the Joker movie: "Incelsior!"
  5. It was not always sunny in the movie "Philadelphia"
  6. Hong Kong, thank you, dong!
  7. Shaved ice? No thanks, I like mine hairy.
  8. In the irony of not actually being a song about irony, doesn't Ironic strike you as a little ironic, don't you think? A little too ironic? No, just ironic enough. And isn't that ironic? I'm really not sure anymore.
  9. We're gonna need a bigger scrote
  10. Kiss the cook, marry the mob, and fuck the police
  11. How do you like them Gwyneth Paltrow's daughters?
  12. When in doubt, rub one out. When sure, demur. And if you can't decide, then it's suicide!
  13. daddysboy

    Tighter, please!

    Tighter, please!
  14. The most beautiful phrase in the English language is "post-coital moist POTUS"
  15. Since watching Leaving Neverland, I've had a hard time drinking shamonemile tea