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  1. With the discussion of the huskiness of LuAnn's voice, I was reminded of the brilliance of the abstract, semi-fictional RHONY recaps Richard Lawson used to produce at Gawker. He had LuAnn (or "Crackerjacks" as he called her) pegged perfectly from the jump as a gal who'd lived a rough, hardscrabble life before becoming the Countess. I urge you to go back and read them all. For example, "The episode began with a wide-angle shot of a pickup rumbling across a scorched, scrubby desert. We heard the faint sounds of the Allman Brothers playing on the truck's stereo, saw the high fade of dust kicked up by its rattling wheels. LuAnn sat in the driver's seat, one arm hanging lazily on the window, cigarette dangling off her lip, one boot up on the dash. LuAnn was headed somewhere, somewhere grand." (May 14, 2010) I mean, c'mon. That there is art as a knife that cuts to the bone. Get Richard on as a guest.
  2. Young DeNiro was hot as fuck do you think you're talkin' to?