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  1. The_Dude_Uh...Bites?

    They Live (1988)

    I love this movie as much as the next guy (this fight scene in particular is great), which is why I want the episode.
  2. The_Dude_Uh...Bites?

    They Live (1988)

    Roddy Piper is thrown into a world of alien conspiracy.
  3. The_Dude_Uh...Bites?

    Wanna Laugh

    Please stock more Harris Wittels Memoriam T-Shirts only XS are left... I'll buy one of those if I have to, but I'd rather wear it than frame it.
  4. The_Dude_Uh...Bites?

    Bop Bop Baloobop Awop Achoo!!!

    Bop Bop Baloobop Awop Achoo!!!
  5. I know he really loves you, but can he sing THIS good. Doodle Diddle Doodle Diddle Dip Da Doo. Face it baby, you've been sexing the wrong Batman.
  6. The_Dude_Uh...Bites?

    Bridge to Terabithia

    This movie's trailer contained almost exclusively action. Being a small, feeble-brained child, I assumed this meant it would be an action film. I was wrong... horribly wrong... terribly, horribly wrong. The movie contained only one action scene, which turned out to be imaginary. The actual plot was unbearably sad. NO JOKE! My bear died.