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    The Street Fighter (1974)

    Sure, we've seen the gang take on Street Fighter, but we have not seen them take on THE Street Fighter with Sonny Chiba. The video game adaptation is cute, but we know that June wants to know what a street fighter is, and this movie answers that question. A street fighter is someone who will not just fight you if you disrespect him. He will kill you. It doesn't matter if you are a villain or a random student, you will break limbs if you cross him. This movie has everything that is needed for a batshit crazy kung fu movie. Do you like guys falling out of skyscraper windows cause they missed a dropkick? This movie's for you. Do you like eye pokes? This movie's for you. Do you like people getting punched so hard that they vomit and/or have a heart attack? This movie's for you. Do you like people getting punched so hard their skull explodes like a squeezed tomato? This movie's for you. Do you like orange blood that looks like Campbell's Tomato Soup? This movie's for you And do you like perverts getting their cherries picked off? This movie's for you. This isn't a bad movie recommendation. This is a GREAT movie DEMAND. It is a Kung Fu Classic with no plot, ultraviolence (it was the first movie to get the X Rating in America on violence alone), and bad dubbing to add to all this awesomeness. You guys had the guts to take on a Street Fighter, but do you have the guts to take on THE Street Fighter? The movie is in the public domain, so it is ridiculously easy to find on youtube and such.
  2. BradleyGeiser

    3 Days To Kill (2014)

    This movie is perfect. The plot makes no sense. The jokes are hilarious in the entirely wrong way. And Costner acts through it as though he's not in on the joke. It's the perfect parody of the Taken genre and I don't think it's done on purpose.
  3. BradleyGeiser

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    I cannot be the only one who thought that Zaya and Bek were the young versions of Jamie Lanister and Hathor. I thought they were a flashback until I saw them on screen together. I was obsessed with the height of the gods too. At no point did the height ever seem to actually have an effect on the story other than when their height was mentioned. Seems like they could've shaved some money off the top by just having them be normal.
  4. BradleyGeiser

    Taken (2008)

    This movie is perfect. The sequels are less perfect but still perfect. Taken falls in line with the Fast and Furious movies and Face/Off as good movies that are bonkers enough to be on the show. The acting, the conveniences, the borderline Lifetime movie that it is before the kidnapping. the overall message that Liam Neeson is always right and you shouldn't question him. The sequels (especially Tak3n) may be more in line with the normal shows, but the whole trilogy deserves a look.
  5. BradleyGeiser

    Invasion U.S.A. (1985)

    This must happen. 1. Multiple people get shot in the dick. 2. In one 20 second time frame a lady gets her coke straw jammed up her nose Joker pencil trick style then thrown out a window. (A guy gets shot in the dick too) 3. There is a solid 5 minute buildup of a family putting a star on a Christmas tree that ends with their house blowing up. 4. The same scene has a terrorist shoot 8 rockets I it of a launcher without reloading. 5. It's basically a Trump campaign commercial. 6. Cannon Films. 7. The last scene is too amazing to spoil.
  6. BradleyGeiser

    Turbo Kid (2015)

    Having seen this now (it's on Netflix!) This movie is bonkers. Go in knowing as little as possible and enjoy! Body parts are removed in some of the most creative ways ever caught on fil. You guys must do this movie on the show.
  7. BradleyGeiser

    The Expendables series

    Bumping. There is no logical reason for this series not to be covered, other than that it is too amazing. The cast probably makes up for a quarter of the HDTGM episodes that have been recorded. It has a body count just shy of 200. Hundreds of one liners that just barely make sense. HDTGM superstay Sly Stallone, Dolph Lundgren as a junkie, and physicis that make the Fast and the Furious seem feasible. Not to mention Eric Roberts, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Frasier himself. This is basically a series that was made solely for HDTGM.
  8. BradleyGeiser

    Battlefield Baseball

    Battlefield Baseball (2003) A Japanese baseball with more murder, mutants, random musical numbers, talking animals, and dismembernent than actual baseball. When Seido High Scho itol is pit against Gedo High School, a school known for leaving behind a path of death and destruction after every game, they call upon Gorrila Matsui, a young baseball prodigy who gave up the game after a game of catch with his father ruined his life. This movie is insane. With a lack of subtlety that makes Quentin Tarantino look like Penny Marshall, this is a movie that must be seen to be believed. It is available on DVD