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  1. This episode was hard to watch. It looks like a lot of these women are unravelling before our very eyes. Sonja sobbing next to an very uncomfortable Bethenny was heartbreaking. She is a good person, but she shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a business. My personal highlight of the episode was the drugged-out ex of Luanne dropping a visit. Ramona saw those black shark eyes and was thinking, I need to get me some of that shit! Ramonster is definitely an hardcore addict, and her behaviour reminded me of a druggie clinging on their dealer for a bump. John can be a dick. But boy was he an knight in shining armour tonight! Took Luanne to safety, protected Sonja and tried to help Ramonster but she's gagging for that sweet sweet nose candy Rey was hiding in that horrible H&M wintercoat. This episode had more drama than an whole season of Beverly Hills and I can't wait to next week's episode...
  2. So, Erika Jayne has got a new song out... How many fucks does she give? None apparently...
  3. She most certainly did! I'm in love with her. I would've knocked the shit out of Bethenny...
  4. Oh my god what was Betheny's deal?! It felt like the "I'm up here and you're down there" debacle all over again only this time Betheny was loony one. And Lisa Rinna not being able to watch the whole music video because it's too raunchy? Oh lord give me strength that shit was fake.