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  1. Dorian

    Earwolf at Edinburgh

    If any of you guys wanna hang out, see a show or whatever, I'm there until the 15th.
  2. Dorian

    Earwolf at Edinburgh

    I was pretty disappointed by the show she did last year. I might still give it a try, but I didn't have a great experience last time so I don't know. Anyway, if earwolf enthusiasts wanna meet up, I'd be really happy to. I'm from France and we're veeeery few down there. Last year I met one at Chris Gethard show, it was a nice surprise.
  3. Dorian

    Earwolf at Edinburgh

    I'll be there ! I'm seeing him and James Adomian, both pretty early on.
  4. trying really hard to have the worst catchphrase possible on the podcast, help me out guys, I really need this, things aren't going well in my professionnal and personal life.
  5. I'd love more Berlant /Early in 2017, Comedy Bang Bang. This was fun !
  6. Dorian

    Return of BillandBob: The Year Old Plugs Theme

    FUCKYEAH ! BILL AND BOB ! <3 If you ever wanted to remix the Under The Apple Tree Song by Victor and Tiny as a tribute to R.I.P-rince, that would make me very happy.
  7. Was actually walking through Paris listening to it, on my way to work. Nice episode.
  8. Yes the crowd reaction to the Time Keeper is insane. Fav moment is at 43:00. Werner asking Sue for a second date.
  9. Dorian

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    this is really great. Please make more.
  10. What a great episode that was ! Really great. As a frenchman, I now see the absurdity in our Mayor of France system. Gourley was on fire. The live episodes are always a pleasure to listen to.
  11. Dorian

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    I use "Batting-Gentleman" instead of Batman (from the Vicar of Yanks episode of CBB) way too much.
  12. Dorian

    Cantina Plugs

    Probably my favorite Plugs theme. And I was the one who asked Frank to make a video haha.