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  1. Do people who live in areas where PostMates isn't a thing find the Rudy segment amusing? I thought it was hilarious but I wonder how well it transferred. I was concerned that PFT would actually choke to death on laughter
  2. filterspuds

    May 23 - Oakland, CA, The Fox Theatre

    She certainly wasn't reading from a list, I'm pretty sure she made it up on the spot. Scott was just staring at her trying to see if she would run out of ideas.
  3. filterspuds

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    You say it was offensive, and I get that it's stereotypical and lazy, but I don't get what's offensive about it. It's not like he used the accent to imply anything about the Chinese people, except that perhaps they don't speak English without a discernible accent, and I don't see what's offensive about that.
  4. filterspuds

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    Maybe this was already known but I enjoyed Whitney revealing that John Mulaney must have signed the table quasi in-character as "Jurn Mulurney". This episode made her seem pretty likable to me, even though I wasn't a fan of her show or 2 Broke Girls. Scott needs to get some confidence about the Amazon print-on-demand thing, since it sounds like he's kind of ashamed of it when he brings it up. You still order a DVD and get a DVD, they just don't keep a hundred boxes of printed copies laying around.