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  1. ChrisGrazioso

    Episode 579 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular

    RIP Big Dawg, Y'ALL
  2. ChrisGrazioso

    Episode 3 - Microdosing PCP

    What is the Flying Lotus song in this ep?
  3. ChrisGrazioso

    So Fine (1981)

    hey look! EGG ON MY FACE. good to see that others share my impeccable taste.
  4. ChrisGrazioso

    So Fine (1981)

    I forgot to mention that Scotty Auks referenced this in CBB 430 which instantly made me wonder if HDTGM had done it yet.....
  5. ChrisGrazioso

    So Fine (1981)

    AFAIK you haven't done this one yet. Ryan O'Neill gets his family out of a financial crisis by inventing assless jeans. Studded with stars(?) Ryan O'Neill, Tony Sirico, Fred Gwynne, Richard Kiel (Jaws in James Bond films)