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  1. i see no good reason for sean and hayes to just finish out whatever deal they have with earwolf/midroll/scripps/unilever/omnicorp


    and join any of the other pod companies that actually seem to generate revenue for performers.


    seems to me patreon is successful least in part because we all know how the model currently 'works'. and folks, you already know, models are changing! i know that i'm not interested in buying blue apron, loot crate or some random earwolf merch in the hopes that they eventually get a nickel from it.


    so call it reality sho-sho, call it handbook, i dont really care. in fact i'm so convinced they love doing this, i want them to take a break for a while and come back swangin, ready to slay some real monsters.


    this has been: political.

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  2. here's some stuff that sucks:

    earwolf sucks, midroll sucks, howl sucks, seeso sucks, scripps sucks, branded content sucks, gilbert gotfried sucks, dennis miller sucks, trump sucks, alec baldwin sucks, putin sucks, isis sucks, betsy devos sucks, big bang theory sucks, lead in drinking water sucks, heynong man sucks, aukerman sucks, broken dreams and too many study halls sucks, netflix comedy special production sucks, the limited but damaging role scientology had in harris wittels' failed recovery sucks, the insurance-industrial complex sucks, taxes suck, and there's too much plastic.


    stuff that's chill, on one, noice, or just tripped out:

    sean is cool, hayes is cool, brett is an expert at wearing a beatles shirt, paul tompkins has a lot of potential to stay cool, all the guests including michal is down to clown, especially alison rich for keeping it lively, vice principles is fucking bananas, yassir lester is yes sir mister, gabrus is just trying to get it done and he's trying his best and we gotta support him guys,

    other good podcasts i like are throwing shade, bitch sesh, third podcast on the left, improv for humans, who charted depending on the guest, random shows that sean or hayes guest on, harry shearer le show, um thats about it.

    theres a good pancake mix at costco called kodiak cakes, its black box, its pretty good. i also go for the orgain protein powder, chocolate with the white tub and green cap. both these seem to be good and nutritious but in all likelyhood im just being seduced by the marketing. im going to make a humorous lawn statue from all my old tubs.


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  3. i'm sure you all already heard it cause you're all such good girls and boys, but Hayes' story about being on extacy in Vegas on the a recent Doughboys was fantastic, very so funny


    Most of the time, I'm such a Hayes. But when I heard that story I was such a Sean.


    Just hearing your friend having a bad time on a trip sucks, but knowing what they're going through and 'best practices' so to speak and not being able to share that, ugh.

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  4. i thought i was mad at you for entering the podcast to take photos.


    but that's just listening to the photos! photos are meant to be seen!


    so let me just say:


    of everyone at earwolf taking this particular photo of hayes,

    at this exact angle,

    week after week:
















    you sir, are absolutely leading the pack

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  5. dang this ep was a classic!! Too bad I'm switching my podcast allegiances


    That's right, since PFT publicly thanked and acknowledged his Wiki creator and administrator on the CBB bests-of, I was so endeared I did the research and learned that you can get ephedrine in over-the-counter asthma medication and now should be equipped to handle the Spont backlog


    so if anyone needs me I'll be taking my obtuse self-indulgent bits to the spont forums




    aaaah doesn't that look cozy


    this picture is kevin-level creepy

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  6. I love how it's obvious that Jeffrey could escape very easily but he just hangs out to fuck with the old man.


    poor old guy..


    a ) way too weak to push even a single two-dimensional post (with a one-dimensional joke, heyo!)

    b ) clueless that the trash can is not big enough for the joke, which means the last third of the joke will still be visible, and you can just imagine what would happen if some kids came along and saw it.


    at least the old dude had sense enough to remove all the likes before getting rid of it. someone check his pockets, aukerman's going to have a shit fit if the numbers don't even out

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  7. shout out to numba one cheeba hawk.


    just shoutin you out, dawg.


    sup agata. holdin it down with the ep summaries!


    joe lerini in the house.


    home boy hayes man - that last vice principals? whatever you're bringing to the final edits, it's flavorful, it's savory. gonna keep that recipe handy this winter.


    souprman? got that slow cooker? haaa rofl jk course you do. soupr got it simmerin


    sean, the OG malahini. ash is the real wizard of your own design. conjure whatever demons need slaying, knamean? pono hanapa'a, ohana.


    steveH, greggy, chanson. [birthday boys sketch callback] me? i got 10 dads.


    engineer brett, what can i say? we live in a world where books don't exist anymore.


    tip them mugs, yall


    you're all the best people of everyone you know! it's not a weird self-absorbed ego reflex! it's also true!

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  8. 31 episodes of podcast on wall 31 eps of podcast take one down pass it around 30 eps of podcast on wall fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


    episode 31 is with dave thomas, one of my absolute best most favorite eps. between this and sinbad, it's how i got my dad to even try listening to the show

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