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    Episode 268 - Slime Wrestling

    @NameThatPunky It's offensive because he asked Kulap about Vietnamese women, basically assuming that she would know the answer just because she's Asian. But she has no familiarity with the culture or anything like that, he's just basing it on the fact that she's "from that sector" as Howard likes to jokingly say. I mean, there's a reason why Howard often jokes about that and Kulap will say, "oh geeze". Just because Kulap is Asian doesn't mean that she would know everything about other Asian cultures or people. He's not in any way asking about the history of how Vietnamese people came to America. (And if that were the question, it wouldn't be offensive.) Also, it is actually pretty offensive that you're saying that Vietnamese people have a proclivity towards things like manis, pedis, and massages, lol. That is what we would call a stereotype. No race has a proclivity towards any occupation. Vietnamese immigrants were brought into this industry because they had no choice. By the way, this is why Howard said, "out of necessity they went into those jobs..." it's not because they "have a proclivity" toward salon work haha. Btw, I do want to add that I really did like Giancarlo as a guest. I just think that one part was a bit of an awkward moment that was very quickly made humorous, and I think that was really awesomeof both hosts.
  2. SerenaWang

    Episode 268 - Slime Wrestling

    As always, I enjoyed this episode and it was packed with great energy. I did want to comment and say that Howard's "nailed it!" response to the question about why Vietnamese women are great at manis and pedis made me laugh and I think diffused the situation well. I know Giancarlo didn't mean to be offensive, but it was an offensive question (obviously) and I always appreciate Kulap's ability to laugh about it as well. Sam was great!