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  1. I don't know how you structure your day, John, but contrastive focus reduplication is what I work to DO-do every morning and evening on the toilet.
  2. They say if you stand in the glow of a supermoon for too long, Stalin's ghost will whisk you away to his ice palace, where you'll syphon moon water 'til the end of your days.
  3. A titillating tangent twerks topically to the next talking point
  4. waitingfortheflood

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

    Is jam not considered a condiment? People put that on croissants. What is jam?
  5. waitingfortheflood

    A dick will make you mad

    A dick will make you mad, A penis gets in the way. A cock barks phlegm where’er it goes And shafts, they fall away… A dork's a little weird, A whang a bit too pink. But your snausage looks like it's been seared at an intense heat for way too long And for a pork sword, it's blunter than you'd think.
  6. When I bought my laptop, I assumed I'd finally be able to download daiquiris straight to my mouth, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out I can't even grill with the damned thing. Computers: they don't have spigots and are only good for one panini... not worth it.