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  1. Steam: Water that turns into a ghost Comedians at keyboards getting coffee.
  2. Great improv, Eugene and Nicole were pleasant surprises and Chris is always a favourite. It's also that time of year where Spontaneanation may or may not be hosted by Mr. Peanutbutter. I'm never sure but i just want to believe.
  3. This improv was pure joy. Lund and Blasucci are both terrific.
  4. I want to be in a friend group with Janina Gavankar and Deborah Ann Woll. The improv was so so good today.
  5. Erin was amazing! She's my favourite of the Wild Horses but also i think she's the one i hear the least from. Also, the "new phone who dis" rap was fantastic.
  6. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 508 - Beach Cheese

    I love Will Hines, he's just so funny.
  7. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 8 - Everything Is Nature (w/ Mike Still)

    Man this one got really out of the box right at the end. I've been away for weeks but the only bright spot of being back at work is binge-listening to the last few eps of Off Book. Zach and Jess, we love ya
  8. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 507 - Popcorn Costume

    Whenever Mike the janitor is on, i briefly wonder about the real life cleaning crew at the Earwolf studios and if they are aware of that character. Also are we talking live action Ghost Rider? Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes? I miss JW Stillwater. Lettuce know.
  9. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 506 - Hot Tub Diarrhea

    John Lennon, Scott bailing out of "Your widow's so black...", Marvel movie talk. This one was so good. I hadn't heard a lot from Chris Gethard but he was fun, i'll look out for his stuff from now on. Madeline was funny too. All good stuff.
  10. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 504 - The Bigger the Percent the Better

    This was so much fun. Definitely gonna make my best-of's this year.
  11. This was amazing, felt like next level improv. Objection, sidetalk!
  12. The Spider-Gentleman

    Ep. 4 Curses Curses Curses! (w/ Jamie Denbo)

    Zach was on fire today. I was in stitches when they tried to throw to the first break. Man i love this podcast.
  13. I didn't know Marcella Arguello but i'm a fan now, she's great. Carl Tart? He's a hero. The improv was awesome, so funny.
  14. The Spider-Gentleman

    Ep. 3 Pillaging For Your Dreams (w/ Drew Tarver)

    Great episode. I laughed so hard when Brittany shut down the Crazy Four. Ryan was hilarious as always.
  15. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 501 - Manchester Orchestra's Kith and Kin

    I was hoping we might get a Zach and Jess episode.
  16. I loved all three of these. Gonna miss them mopes!
  17. The Spider-Gentleman

    Ep. 1 Shrugging Destiny (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)

    I LOVED this! It came at a perfect time because I have been really recently discovering all of Zach and Jess' videos on youtube and i was on the lookout for more from them. They are are so funny and having PFT on the opening ep is perfect. Everything was funny and all three were charming. My favourite was "Dang Y'Know Dang Dang Y'Know" but it was all so good.
  18. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    I love Ming and his hatred of clowning.
  19. The Spider-Gentleman

    Off Book: The Improvised Musical Teaser!

    "What kind of person says: "Four minutes? Yeah i wanna listen to that."" MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Do i regret it? No. Am i excited to listen to this brand new podcast the day it comes out? Absolutely.
  20. Such a good improv, they were all great. Paul's song had me giggling like a fool at work. If anybody hasn't checked out the Mopes at I4H it's a really funny group.
  21. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    Wellll...i enjoyed Rosie and The Bachelor Brothers, son. It really has been a while. I wonder what Scott has in store for #500.
  22. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 496 - The Dream Lords

    Will Hines is one of my CBB heroes. I was hoping Scott being a comic nerd would ask Andrea Savage about her iZombie departure but it didn't come up. It would have been nice to hear a little more info on her new show too.
  23. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    I too noticed this Can't be. It's not that kind of show.
  24. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 495 - Who CBBeefed?

    Loved this episode. I'm gonna go see The House this weekend and contribute my fair share of the CBB bump.