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  1. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 471 - Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

    I LOVED the J Man segment. Really made me laugh. Jason chanting "Lock him up!" made me laugh out loud.
  2. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 471 - Shy By Nature, Outgoing By Nurture

    Well, well, well...The Heynong Man himself.
  3. Ahh i've missed the word for word reviews. Good ep, so much laughter. I think there were more sound effects than in any episode ever. I'm excited for #100.
  4. I loved Colleen's introduction today. "Colleen! How are you?" "I'm fine. Breathing in and out."
  5. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 469 - Quiznos What QuizDid

    Only listened to the first segment so far but John Hodgeman is so funny
  6. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 465 - Harsh Joe Pinions

    I love Gil Ozeri. Joe Pinions had me busting a gut at work, he's always all in. I hope we get more appearances in 2017.
  7. Solid ep. I felt there was some confusion with the name of Brandon's character but maybe that was just me. It's amazing that we got the return of Nicole Parker but STILL didn't get to the bottom of just what was going on at that school of hers! She is like a mine of stories.
  8. Another great one, i think one of my favourite location suggestions of them all. Maria Thayer is lovely and the improv guys were on point.
  9. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 464 - A Ton More Sexy

    I love Ben (and Scott obviously) but Horatio was the MVP in this episode. He really brought his A-game.
  10. The Spider-Gentleman

    Best of 2016 Pt. 4

    As someone who is not a fan of Middleditch, i was a little dissapointed with the top two. But i love PFT so much that these episodes are a real treat year after year. I was super happy to see Claudia make the live 5. Scott's heartfelt sentiments at the end is always nice as well.
  11. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    Ah Benny Schwaz you elegant bastard.
  12. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 19 - A Bigotry Buildup

    I understand that Negin was upset with the result of the election, and God knows i think Donald Trump is a villain, but i think Negin was a little bit TOO annoyed to record this episode. Seema Iyer was trying to make calm, rational and objective points at times but Negin came across as bulldozing over her and sometimes dismissive. I get it, i know exactly how she's feeling, but it didn't make pleasant listening. Just wanted to say my piece, having been a fan of this podcast for a little while.
  13. I loved this episode. Everything was great. It felt a little bit like a Colleen Smith tour de force at times. I had to stifle a laugh in the office when Paul's fake laugh turned into "ni hao", so unexpected.
  14. Man, that newsroom scene cracked me up! Totally great improv. The Jeb Lund interview was interesting too. All three of the improv guests were awesome, but i feel like whenever i see Maria Blasucci's name on the episode i know it's going to be a good one.
  15. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 455 - The Washington Monugents Reunite

    Rhea Butcher is awesome. I laughed out loud at Scott's reaction to her saying she was most like Silver Surfer.
  16. Kumail was a great guest the first time and a great guest the second time. The improv was awesome, as always. So the question asked by the previous guest was asked by Jean Villapeaque right? The previous guest? Who also happened to be an improv guest on this show? Paul always says that they are released in order recorded. Having binge watched all of Orphan Black recently i would LOVE for Tatiana Maslany to be a guest on Spontaneanation and then take part in the improv. If i could pick anyone it would be her.
  17. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 453 - Unblocked and Unlocked

    This was a great episode. I LOVED the pre-character interview segment, Eden and Johnny both seem very likeable. Plus I enjoyed the plugs theme. C+. It's been a while since i watched The Middle but I always liked that show. This episode made me want to pick it back up.
  18. I enjoyed this ep. I think it was in danger of being a little flat after two people dropping out, but Paul, JV and l'il JV were all great
  19. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 452 - Pow! Pow! Power Wheels!

    Even before listening this has made my day. Claudia O'Doherty is my favourite.
  20. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 450 - Throw It On the Floor

    This was such a funny ep, Scott was on point. I was laughing so hard whenever Dr. Jew Jax got taken to task. Edit: I hope that the remaining seasons of the TV show eventually make it to Netflix UK.
  21. Does anybody listen to the Uncanny X-Cast? I thought Linguini had turned up at the 59 minute mark!
  22. Really a great improv today. All the guys were fantastic and Tim Baltz is becoming one of my favourites.
  23. How did Al A. Peterson (the smooth criminal) get so many jobs reading ads for companies? He's such a considerate criminal, not wanting to wake the hotel guests next door. I like that guy.
  24. The Spider-Gentleman

    Episode 447 - These Are the Worst

    I love the Batman v Superman line of questioning to two people who so audibly don't care about that film at all. "Superman? We don't know how much money he has."