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    It's All About Them Plugs

    Hello Comedy Bang Bang team! This is Aaron from the comedy band Ampledeed. We are all huge fans of the show and the podcast! In addition to the plugs theme above that we submitted, we thought we might reach out with a couple tracks from our album that came out last month. If you get a chance to listen and like what you hear, feel free to drop me a line at aaron@ampledeed.com ! STEVE LIED: https://soundcloud.c...d/08-steve-lied YOU'RE A LIBRA...AND SHE'S A BITCH: https://soundcloud.c...ed-byob/s-63ZeA Thanks for all the laughs! Best, Aaron Goldich (Ampledeed)
  2. Aaron Goldich (Ampledeed)

    It's All About Them Plugs