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    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    Paul, you were correct in thinking that there was a deeper message in this movie, that the enormous "apple" was too obvious. I think you realized this, but saw how much fun June and Jason were having mocking you, so you played dumb. They completely misinterpreted this movie. Let me cut to the chase: Topps was the devil and Boogalow was God. The BIM represented the church striving for theocracy. Here are some clues the movie laid out for you. The clues you, Paul, saw and June and Jason ignored. 1) Crappy music pushed by BIM. That is the church, no doubt. Not even a question. Churches are all about bad music. 2) Mr. Topps associated with the hippies. sounds like the devil. Hippies are awful. Communes are hell on earth. 3) People mindlessly following BIM and wearing the "mark" of BIM. Absolutely the church. Just think of what happened this week - Ash Wednesday. There are countless other examples, but the most blatant, in your face, proof that June and Jason were dead wrong and should bow to your higher intellect is at the end of the movie when Boogalow asks his guard stop Topps from leaving, It is Topps who stops him from doing so, controlling his mind, CONTROLLING HIS FREE WILL. If Topps were God, he never would have take the guard's free will away, that's religion 101. Crappy music and free will. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me this movie is not about the church conquering the devil and sending him away to another planet.