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    The Pirate Movie (1982)

    This movie is a guilty pleasure, but it seems so bloody unlikely. I truly want to know, "How Did This Get Made?" (The DVD also has one of the worst audio commentary tracks in history)
  2. JeremiahRickert

    Biggles: Adventures in Time (1986)

    C'mon, Alex Hyde-White, Peter Cushing, and a soundtrack featuring Jon Anderson and Roger Taylor? It even has Porkins from Star Wars in it.
  3. JeremiahRickert

    Nice Girls Don't Explode

    Haha, I love this movie. Can you say "DI-PILL-A-TORY" Andy?
  4. JeremiahRickert

    Shock Treatment (1981)

    I dunno, I can't dislike Shock Treatment. It pretty much predicted a future where people would willingly have themselves committed to an asylum just to get on reality TV.
  5. JeremiahRickert

    Megaforce (1982)

    I once sent away money to join the Megaforce fan club (there was an ad at the back of a comic book) and I never got my stuff. I'm still waiting Ace!
  6. JeremiahRickert

    Episode 128 - Streets of Fire: LIVE!

    Walter Hill described this movie as "The queen of the hop gets kidnapped by a boy from the wrong side of the tracks" 50s motifs with 80s music. There's a podcast out there, I can't remember which one, where Michael Pare' said that his bland acting style was totally how he was directed! They were trying for a tone that resembled some 1960s Roger Corman biker movies, but it just comes off as bad. He said he kept trying to be more naturalistic and Hill kept prompting him to be more bland. Pretty nutty. He also said that the clothes he was wearing looked shoddy but where actually some fancy Versacci or Armani designer clothes. When Rick Moranis was on Nerdist, he was told that his character was going to be the funny guy, the comic relief, and he would get a chance to improvise. He was disappointed that his character was just a dick and also complained about the weird direction he got. If you google, there's an interview with Mykelti Williamson where he walks about this movie, and how Robert Townshend was the worst dancer he had ever seen, and had no sense of rhythm. He also said that the movie has a different lead vocal on I Can Dream About You, than the one that was released as a single. (who was a white guy). When they made the music video for the white guy, they had to pay Williamson, Townshend, and the other guy, a huge pile of money to be in the video. The band in the biker bar (with the nearly nude dancer) was The Blasters. They were a big part of the Punk scene in the 80s. Ed Begley Jr's character was named Ben Gunn, which is a riff on Benjamin Gunn from Treasure Island. Lee Ving, the lead singer of the punk band Fear was Raven's 2nd in command, who realizes that Raven has gone around the bend and leads the gang back to their territory after Raven loses the sledgehammer fight. He was also in Clue. I think this movie could've been a fun comic booky movie if Hill hadn't been going for such a wonky tone.