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  1. Today is opposite day, which means it's actually night--and I'm lying.
  2. A tommyknocker and a fartknocker are two different things. There will be severe consequences if you mix them up.
  3. Nasty Bill heard what you said about him, and he's paying you a visit later today.
  4. Dancing in the moonlight? It's not that kind of glow. Mountains of cocaine? It's not that kind of snow. Getting your horndog rocks off? It's not that kind of show.
  5. You may have forgotten about Shrek, but Shrek has not forgotten about you.
  6. Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player who is about to shoot heroin.
  7. I'm the kind of guy who laughs at YOUR funeral. Don't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will.
  8. Respect tech and cash checks like Shrek.
  9. You know what's even cooler than Tori Spelling? A Tori Spelling Bee!
  10. If Prince can change his name to a symbol, so can you.
  11. America's test kitchen better stop snitchin'.
  12. The best defense is having the best offense, unless you can get Shrek to represent you in court.
  13. If you're getting too many robocalls, do not contact robocop for help. Robocop is busy drinking robitussin and recording his robo-cast.
  14. There is no God. There is only Godzilla.
  15. If Shrek can fit twelve golf balls in his mouth, so can you.