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    Improv, Stand-Up, and reaction comedy. (something i do myself)
  1. JonHendle

    Scott Aukerman Name Spinoffs.

    Tot Pageantman
  2. JonHendle

    Scott Aukerman Name Spinoffs.

    Chicken Paukerman
  3. JonHendle

    Scott Aukerman Name Spinoffs.

    You are hence forth known as the aforementioned unisexual name. Sam
  4. JonHendle


    This forum isnt only devoted to wanting to talk to Matt man, im just envoking a sense of community rather than some weird fetish to be noticed.
  5. JonHendle

    Scott Aukerman Name Spinoffs.

    Thanks Sam, this bit, will never die to me.
  6. The obvious and assumingly used : Cock Blockerman ITS STUPID but so what. I laughed get over it. Cot Sleeperman Sock BleacherMan Cock Gawkerman Flop Mopperman Plot Pokerman Hot Saucerman Doc Talkerman Toc Tickerman Guy Fawkerman
  7. JonHendle


    Believe it or not i have a somewhat comical story for this over-used attempt at stumping improvisers. If anyone cares ill tell the story... But also WTF is with the weak suggestions for I4H, the goal is not to try to make it hard to come up with something but to inspire from a place of familiarity.
  8. If i were a pumpkin, i'd smash myself. When it comes to winning, nevermore quoth the raven. I ate my wheaties today. Not all bonobos are monkeys, but all monkeys are evil. More to come, in spiratic bursts.... Informative and also a possible catchphrase. My job here is done winston. ~Skip Dibbles