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  1. I know it was brought up in the show that somebody from the 10th century being named "Jessie" is a strange occurrence, but I just want to point out that it's not just strange, it's impossible! We have no records of anyone at all being named "Jessica" until Shakespeare used that name in The Merchant of Venice in the 1590s. So she doesn't just have an unusually modern form of a name, she has a name that nobody in the world would ever even have for another 600 years.
  2. JackLaFleur

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    (Hi. I'm new to the forums, so forgive me for awkwardness) Is this what normally happens in the girls locker room, just on a day to day basis? "HEY GIRLS I'VE GOT THE NEW CHEER!!!!!" "I----LIKE---BOYS!!" When Brad encounters Luis Guzman on the side of the road, why doesn't he know who she is? They have a class together! Also, Luis' line in that scene where she (I'm assuming) jokes about the incident being "a failed suicide attempt" was frankly very worrying. I'm concerned about her. So, witches can just... spontaneously generate money? The scene where Luis turns on the abandoned carousel in the middle of the night was fucking creepy. How has nobody mentioned the part where Madame Serena summons the frog prince? Lastly, why wouldn't Luis just make Hats popular too? That way, they can both have the life they've dreamed of having!