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    Dirty Dancing (1987)

    I know it's something of a sacred cow, but have any of you actually sat down and thought about dirty dancing? If you really think about it, you really do have to wonder, " how the fuck did this get made!?!" Imagine the pitch, "OK, we got this kid, she's about 15, and she goes to summer camp, where she fucks this peadophile in his 30s, and there's an abortion, an anachronistic 80s soundtrack, . . .oh yeah, some dancing!"
  2. Long time listener, first time poster. Here's my top five: 1 The Boondock Saints. - one of those films from some asshole who saw pulp fiction and thought, well it's good but I can do better. Offensively bad Irish accents. Shocking acting. Awful action. Dumb script. Hilarioulsy awful. THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT! 2. The Core - so shamelessly derivative of Armageddon is funny. Really dreadful but hits all the tropes. 3. 2012. - see above, only stupider. 4. Twister. - a film even Philip Seymour Hoffman couldn't save. 5. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. - well this one is actually amazing, in a good way, but seriously, how did someone put up the cash for this? how did this get made?