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    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    I really wish we could see the picture of Sean on space mountain. This episode is great. 5 sweaters out of 5 sweaters. I love you.
  2. The toilet incident was amazing. I can't believe we didn't see that in the news, or at least a tweet from Carly Fiorina.
  3. Tim Baltz is great. I enjoyed this episode.
  4. I'm happy to know that I can get the clothes extender to be able to use Five Four's clothing service. Good that they finally cleared that up for me. I give this episode 5 Five Four Tee Shirts out of 5.
  5. Have a summah! I enjoyed this episode, especially the funny part (the whole thing).
  6. Have you guys seen that new reality show Eden? It seems like a good one for RSS. They should bring back RSS and release 2 podcasts a week. Bring back Reality Show Show and Make Earwolf Great Again!
  7. Great episode and guest this week. I look forward to continuing to listen to this episode and future episodes. Any guesses as to who the guest(s) will be next week? My guess is Paul Sheer.
  8. I have to go with " Wot's all this then?" Any reaction that involves sunglasses and a smirk has to be the best response.
  9. Sean should find some sort of west coast radio show host to fill in for Hayes. I suggest Dan Carlin.
  10. It's always great to hear forum members on shows. I was on hold for a long time for the best show, then got disconnected somehow. Then I called back and was on hold when the show ended. I don't think I could have followed Andy Kindler anyway.
  11. Maybe Matty B would be happier on the Wolfcool shingle.
  12. SUCK IT, CHANSON! Edit: I haven't received $5, so I am redacting my previous jab at Chanson.
  13. Here I am several years ago with some guy who claimed to be my dad. We only met once. He gave me a can of Red Bull then vanished.
  14. How many fingers does he have?
  15. I enjoyed this episode. The call at the end was hilarious.
  16. That's the spookiest nicotine delivery device I've ever seen. Do you think Nosferatu would do any of those wicked-awesome vape tricks?
  17. Sean is the best interviewer on the Earwolf network. This episode was great.
  18. I hope we hear some beautiful stories from Sean or even more.
  19. Do you think the dial tones were real when Brett called Hayes? If I play those tones into my phone, can I call him?
  20. Intriguing. The commas are confusing. I wonder if this is a murder mystery episode.
  21. I always figured that Trudeau had a hyper-elastic anus.
  22. After hearing Hayes talk about not having sponsors (which I bet Boss Hoggerman demands), I think we should band together and boycott any company that doesn't currently sponsor Hollywood Handbook.