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    Unlikely Angel (1996)

    Dolly Parton dies within the first 3 minutes of the movie, then must save a family before Christmas or be damned to hell for all eternity by Roddy McDowall. This movie is both bonkers bananas and a super charming Christmas tale of a family moving on after loss. A tight 90 minutes, some truly good scenes and acting by multiple characters, and free on Prime. What more could you want? Oh, also a musical number by Dolly OF COURSE. I was happier having seen this movie. IMDB info here
  2. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 1 - The First One

    Loving it! The whole Cheez-It/"water family" thing makes me think I have the same mom as Gabrus.
  3. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 518 - Corn Dog Horndog

    Heynong Man dropping the Griffin and Sabine references will bring the ladies and sad boys running
  4. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 516 - Solo Bolo Cincolo

    "I came until I died." - Me, 10/26/2017
  5. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 515 - Return to Suicide House Part 666

    This episode disgusted me within the first 20 minutes.
  6. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 510 - Pound Foolish

    It should be Garbage-nzo Dog
  7. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 203 - Lamar Woods, Our Close Friend

    Frankly, I think Hayes showed an incredible amount of restraint and patience for what was, essentially, a mockery of his legacy. Surgery chat and literally like 3 jokes??? Who the hell does Sean think he is?
  8. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 504 - The Bigger the Percent the Better

    This episode left me overwhelmed with sympathy for Kulap
  9. Pippi Longstocking instead of Punky Brewster, Extract for Expat, minotaur instead of centaur, is everyone drunk?
  10. "Foghorn Leghorning" I have now heard everything worth hearing. Thank you and goodbye *dies*
  11. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 168 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii: LIVE!

    I think it was a pretty obvious joke that they were referring to this movie as "feminist" based solely on the Bechdel test.
  12. I am really not into musicals/borderline-hate them but holy shit I loved this show! So funny, so much damn talent, it's awesome
  13. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 297 - LIVE from DCM Pt. 1

    Great ep, I also have some lame childhood memories from Sanibel Island!
  14. The ONLY Asian on Earwolf? Andrew is going to be in all the trouble
  15. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 291 - Little Dick in Famous Places

    "Didn't you just get a Netflix series" gave me the laffs
  16. I really love this podcast but man! 2 weeks in a row of unceasing "ums"! I can't make it past the 15 minute mark this episode, does it get better? Last week was excruciating, I couldn't make it through even after repeated attempts.
  17. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 182 - Doing Spont, Our Close Friend

    I bussed so hard I barfed all in this warm bath of an episode
  18. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 98 - Ghostbusters

    First time listening to this entire show! I don't know if I will ever agree with Amy based on her defense of Neverending Story and (barf) Revenge of the Nerds lol But I really loved hearing them debate. Also, Amy is OUT OF HER MIND if she thinks that Ghostbusters is not in the top 5 of "movies people think about when they hear the name Bill Murray". I liked this movie as a kid, HATED the cartoon show, but absolutely love this movie as an adult and find the set up, pacing, comedy writing, and tone to be wonderful. Despite so much of it being shot on a LA set, Reitman really captured the tone and feel of a "classic" New York movie in the vein of Woody Allen which I found so effective against a standard buddy horror-comedy set up. That said, I definitely get why people would not consider this canon. I think there are many great lines, unforgettable and influential scenes, and it did expand the role of comedy in horror, but 'American Werewolf in London' did all of this 3 years earlier with even stronger horror themes. To me, 'Ghostbusters' is canon as the pinnacle of Reitman's work with Nat'l Lampoon/Second City alums, building from 'Cannibal Girls' through 'Animal House' and 'Stripes' to what would be the most successful of those collaborations.
  19. Hahahaahah that made me so mad! I swear, Kevin is the cashier I get every goddamn time I go to a fastfood restaurant
  20. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 158 - Body Parts: LIVE!

    Claudia O’Doherty continues her reign as Best Ever with a casual mention of "Untamed Heart", a 90s tween classic!
  21. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 157 - Surf Ninjas: LIVE!

    "Hey dudes, isn't school the worst? Sure hard being a teen!"
  22. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 473 - Tight Tort

    That aliens-in-the-butt job pays pretty good, over $150k a year! I'll take a monster in my bunger for that kinda scratch, plus federal holidays off!
  23. H.P.Hovercraft

    Episode 472 - Pleats, Please!

    Show of hands: who has now sung the theme song to themselves replacing "Bang Bang" with "Butthole"?
  24. Just started this ep and love that Sarah Burns mentioned Gorilla Biscuits. Sarah, don't raise your baby on the XxXEdgeXxX but do play it Agnostic Front!