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    It's like Dangerous Minds, but instead of connecting with her students, Michelle Pfeiffer's husband is gang-raped. I know you have questions, so: Yes, a teacher is terrorized by a punk rock gang of high school students led by a piano prodigy. Yes, it features Michael J Fox in one of his early film roles. Yes, it came out in 1982, which means the film is alarmingly accurate with its predictive abilities. Yes, Newsweek called it "The Class of 1982 with herpes." Yes, that same year Newsweek published a story: "Herpes: the VD of the 80s." So, yes, by the transitive property of mathematics, this movie is kind of the VD of the 80s. The only problem is it might be too good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wFVpKYNvRU