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    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    Catching up on missed episodes, and I was afraid to listen to this one, but not because I hate the movie. But for a few (seriously annoying) flaws, I think that Spider-Man 3 is one of the most comic-accurate Spider-Man films out there. It's one of the few things I disagree with almost every single thing the panel complains about, but I can see how they'd be confused. Just a few notes: Peter is good at the piano because Aunt May is a piano teacher, as explained to Joel McHale's bank manager character in Spider-Man 2. Sam Raimi didn't want to include Venom in the movie, but it was forced on him by Sony and Marvel for marketing. Black-suited Spider-Man does do something evil -- he kills Sandman. Just because Sandman didn't actually die is irrelevant. The reason why "cool" Peter is such a dork is because Peter Parker is a dork. The symbiote just makes him aggressive, it doesn't make him cool. Harry Osborn (James Franco) adapted the original Green Goblin's glider into something he was familiar with using. Being a rich playboy, this translates to a snowboard. Gwen Stacy was not a model in the comic, but Mary Jane was (Mary Jane and Gwen's characters are actually swapped in the Sam Raimi movies). Anyway, thanks for the awesome podcasts. Keep it up!