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  1. 1. Miami Connection - This movie feels like a forty year old college freshman made a Kung Fu movie. And it all takes place in the beautiful locale of Orlando, FL. 2. Rockula - Late period Cannon Films. This gem is about a 300 year old virgin-vampire who is cursed to have the love of his life killed, with a ham bone, every twenty-three years by Thomas Dolby. 3. Dead Heat - A zombie buddy cop movie starring Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams. Need I say more? 4. Death Wish 3 - Octogenarian vigilantes take back New York from the youngsters with the help of septuagenarian Charles Bronson. Originally got an 'X' rating in the US. 5. Collision Course - Pat Morita and Jay Leno partner up to find a stolen car. One's from Japan and the other Detroit, hi jinx ensue. Sounds boring, well it is, mostly. This movie has the best 'what the fuck' ending in 80's film history.