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  1. Have a great Octie-Doggie and a Happy Halloween! https://soundcloud.com/user-924105938/the-monster-fuck-part-infinity
  2. Two dusty men stand in the center of a western town readying themselves for a duel. A young voice cuts through the air - a moment before their guns are drawn. β€œWhy do you two fight?” cries the voice. The men respond simultaneously β€œFor COMEDY!” BANG! BANG!
  3. Hi, I've been a huge fan of Comedy Bang Bang for a couple years now (along with a bunch of other Earwolf podcasts) but I've only just joined the forums. Anyway, I always laugh whenever Scott says "IT'S NOT THAT KIND OF SHOW!" and I think it finally needs to be a new shirt. And, in a recent CBB episode, Garry Marshall even asked "Why haven't you done that yet?" - so I took it upon myself to design that new shirt. I would love to receive some feedback on my design - and I think it would be amazing to see an item like this in the Earwolf store! Thanks for reading.