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  1. Comedy Bang Bang? I like it a-Scott.
  2. Much like Maron's cat boomer, you are missing the Marc.
  3. LinusLindberg

    Episode 3 - Flower

    Yeah she does come back a few times
  4. LinusLindberg

    Episode 49 - The Layman with Jon Gabrus

    I haven't heard jons podcast, I only know him from other earwolf podcasts, but he is very charming guy and a great interviewer, really looking forward to future episodes of this! I would have liked more science talk, but I imagine that comes in other episodes, and the couple he was talking to were so fun that it made up for the lack of deeper science discussions. I'm in!
  5. LinusLindberg

    Episode 60 - Confidential Courier

    Since the show came to earwolf I've listened to all the episodes twice, and I am really loving it! It's now one of my favorite podcasts. Everybody who likes CBB will like this. Listen to it ASAP!
  6. I actually came across this artist a year ago in my constant search for weird outsider music, I was so surprised when I realized it was that same guy! I listened to an album where every song was a review of an album, which was pretty entertaining. Listening to him talk for an hour was really interesting, he's a weird guy, but I really respect him. He knows what he want to do and does it. Really enjoying these, Chris, keep it up
  7. LinusLindberg

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    I would like to be able to tap on a performers portrait under the episode I'm listening to and get a list of all podcast appearances of that person, the way you can on the earwolf website!
  8. LinusLindberg

    Episode 52 - One Year

    Sounds interesting, went back and listened on the first episode on itunes and enjoyed it. Will the entire backlog come to howl/earwolf too or just future episodes?
  9. Remember the Matt Besser character from an early comedy death ray episode where he played a british podcaster looking down on american podcasting comparing listing to the show "like watching cavemen discover fire"? That's how I imagine him as he just sits there and listens to the others improvise.
  10. LinusLindberg

    What should I listen to next?

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions! I actually found comedy bang bang and earwolf through Thrilling adventure hour so I've already heard all of those! I've also heard all of mike detective. I think I'll listen to Andy Daly Podcast pilot project next, and then i4h!
  11. LinusLindberg

    Episode 404 - The Timeys Leap Year Celebration

    LOVE the Time Keeper! That post-credits scene was so good.. I wonder if they will actually do anything with it or if Scott is just teasing us!
  12. LinusLindberg

    What should I listen to next?

    Hi, I'm a relatively new earwolf listener (soon a year). I've now heard every episode of Comedy Bang bang, Hollywood Handbook, Reality show show, Spont, With special guest, U talkin u2 to me, Womp it up and Analyze Phish and I'm wondering what to listen to next. I'm thinking about going through i4h, who charted, professor blastoff or How did this get made next but I'm not sure which one to start with! Any tips?