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  1. This move to stitcher premium is bullshit. You've taken previously free content and are charging money for it. Almost 75% of CBB has been taken down, how am I supposed to send new listeners to some of the GOAT episodes if they are behind a paywall? Just one example, Andy Samberg and "Todd", their introductions are behind the god damn pay wall. This is stupid. If you REALLY need more money, ask for it. No one asks for donations anymore. The stitcher premium service sucks, the app sucks, and now you suck for moving to it. You've taken my favorites episodes, podcasts and network of all time, and put it behind a paywall so I can no longer invite new friends to consume your "Content", which is now all it is, no longer art, since you've put it behind the paywall. I would gladly send you money if I knew that you needed it to continue operating. Go checkout "No Agenda"'s model of finance. They make 10's of thousands a week and are purely donation supported. Fuck.** I love you so much**, why you do dis?