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  1. Chris Bannon

    This American Life/Beautiful Stories

    Episode 1!
  2. From behind the control room glass, I can only add that the callers are truly random, and that none of us in the room had any idea who she was. It's important to everyone working on the show that we keep the wheel of fortune turning, caller-wise. Thanks, btw, for all the love and great comments since launch! It's been a huge pleasure to work with Chris on this show, and to see it so well-received you all.
  3. Chris Bannon

    Earwolf and Wolfpop

    It's coming over, we just didn't grab it in the first round of file transfers!
  4. Chris Bannon

    Earwolf and Wolfpop

    Hi folks, This morning, the list of shows on Earwolf.com got a little bit--ok, a lot--longer. That’s because we’re bringing 11 more programs to the network — 10 Wolfpop shows, plus Hello From the Magic Tavern, are joining Earwolf today. Today, we also sunset the Wolfpop brand. Great comedy programming has been the foundation of Earwolf’s success, and we’ll continue to invest in comedy even as we grow to include entertaining projects in other genres. This change is a way for us to make Earwolf a bigger, better and more inclusive network. Here’s some more detail about what we’re doing: -We’re really proud of the shows we launched under the Wolfpop banner in 2014, and we want them to continue to grow and find new listeners. That means bringing them under the same successful umbrella as some of your favorite shows including Comedy Bang! Bang!, How Did This Get Made?, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus and The Longest Shortest Time. -The Black List Table Reads, The Canon, Crybabies, Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period, Get Up On This, Happy Sad Confused, I Was There Too, Maltin on Movies, OMFG! and Reading Aloud have all joined Earwolf. -Rotten Tomatoes, Picking Favorites, and Off Camera have other great plans in store and we wish them all the best. -Since the Wolfpop shows now have a new home on Earwolf.com, the forums have a new home too! As always, you can comment on existing episode threads, or start new discussions of your own. You may notice that comments from Wolfpop.com didn't make it over here. We will try our best to get them in, but if not, we’ll certainly let you know. If you are a Wolfpop commenter who has never used the Earwolf forums and need some help, please contact Shannon or Dan Engler and they will help you get started! There are more great shows on the horizon for Earwolf: next up, the March 15 premiere of Chris Gethard’s Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. So stay tuned for more, and thank you for your continued support of all things Earwolf! It means the world to the performers and staff.