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  1. jumblebunny

    The General

    At risk of arriving late to the party, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWEjxkkB8Xs this video is very very very good
  2. jumblebunny

    Chicago shows speculation

    Hurricane Heist, I gotta pay $15 to own this nonsense whaaat?
  3. Dream movie but will probably never get done as it's impossible to find except for ebay VHS. Made-for-tv dreck starring Melissa Joan Hart as a streetwise Detroit cab driver (ok sure), her real-life siblings as a bunch of towheaded kids trying to win a talent contest to pay for their mom's back taxes or something. They are coached and choreographed by one Mr. MC Hammer. This movie is insane.
  4. jumblebunny

    Chicago shows speculation

    Blues Brothers 2000?
  5. jumblebunny

    Chicago shows speculation

    Wicker Park?
  6. jumblebunny

    Hard Rock Zombies (1985)

    BUMP. Do this movie please. It is 1 million percent BONKERS. In addition to the weird love story, there is a nazi werewolf. Also: