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    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    omg rest in peace green room was fantastic
  2. tinyrainbows

    Thinner (1996)

    I just have been obsessed with this scene where fat guy calls fat tony at a bar surrounded by random hot lady extras and asks him if he knows anything about gypsy curses and he's like "naaaah but my mama does from back in the old country" and he turns around and she's right there just manning the bar apparently waiting to field a plethora of bad juju related inquires in case they come up
  3. tinyrainbows

    Thinner (1996)

    For the love of god even if this isn't picked everybody has to see this mess of a movie. I honestly don't want to ruin any it the magic or this. I think the plot is pretty common knowledge even though I don't know anyone who's seen this movie or even read the book. The dude gets cursed by white people pretending to be gypseys to get "thinner". An oft ignored second spell in the movie begins just with the word "lizard". Joe Mantegna literally plays fat tony. Pies. Old men driving semis. Slingshots. Big-mommas-house-core fat suits. Everybody needs this movie