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    Soul Man (1986)

    yeah... no.
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    Soul Man (1986)

    Hey guys I just started listening to your show 3 weeks ago and I am loving it. I am already half way through your archive and am little depress of how many of these movies I have already seen but the one thing that has bothered me was "how have you not seen Soul Man?" I mean holy foreskin if you want to see how a person end there own movie career in one move just accept a role where you go black face so you can steal a scholarship from black people. Jesus, James Earl Jones lost his black card for a year because of this movie. Anyways you don't need to do this anytime soon but can you do it for it's 30th anniversary on October 24. Just to remind people that there were people / studio that though this was a good idea and green lit this shit show. thanks for the laughs Bad Elvis