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  1. On 1/19/2021 at 12:29 PM, grudlian. said:

    I know Jerry Orbach is sabotaging the investigation, but it seems weird that the police didn't thoroughly check the playground to find a briefcase filled with money. Certainly the murder site would have some police check out the area for evidence. A briefcase under a merry go round should have been noticed. Unless the crime scene investigators are in on the crime with Jerry Orbach, this is sloppy police work.

    It feels weird they didn't really examine a person being BLOWN UP. It looked like they just cleaned it up and moved on. If Gnorm and MAH can just go back to the park with no trouble and a civilian with a dog can be there after a MAJOR crime... Like shouldn't it be off limits and have police officers scouring the scene and trying to figure out this bomb? A bomb seems like a bog deal to me. I know Homeland Security didn't exist but still. A bomb went off and killed a guy. Forensics probably takes more than a few hours on something like that.  Wouldn't they want to see the scene in the daylight? How does the chief of police make a bomb explosion investigation just disappear? I feel like that's too big to ignore. And because of the security threat wouldn't they go over the park with a fine tooth comb eventually finding the briefcase? And given that the other bomb was in a briefcase wouldn't that be a big deal? 

  2. On 1/16/2021 at 7:51 PM, RyanSz said:

    Yeah I was legit shocked when Gnorm stopped one the gangsters, I think it was gold switchblade guy, by basically what looked like giving him an over-the-pants rusty trombone, this is to assume that Gnome and human anatomy is similar or Gnorm thought it might be so that would be his first strike in case of defense. Also was I the only one who thought Hall was playing his character a bit like a cokehead? This seems especially evident when he's introduced he's firing off his lines at a mile a minute and just rambling, which made me wonder if that was part of his character given that this was made in the late 80s. As for Robert Z'Dar, he was mostly used as the heavy or big villain in films because of his cherubism which gave him his pronounced jawline and body size made him appear very imposing and he was the titular character in the Maniac Cop trilogy in the 80s, which also starred the female lead of this film in the first sequel. He was also in another should be covered by the show movie, Samurai Cop.

    In regards to Blockbuster, I must be young enough to never remember them editing their movies, because whenever I went there the movies were untouched, but some would require you to either be 17 to check out or in my case, not have any checkout restrictions from my parents on the account, because I seeing the director's cut of Color of Night on the shelves as well as finding out in high school that the drama aisles had what amounted to softcore porn. Was there some kind of customer revolt that caused them to retract their policy of editing their movies?

    Well the lady Gnomes apparently have breasts and there was the weird Gnorm dick joke? So I think they are similar just shorter, hairer,very long arms, and animal like faces? They seem to have similar teeth which was strangely upsetting.

  3. 17 hours ago, Doctor Suessicide said:

    I made a compilation of Gnorm's assaults, because yeah!


    I feel so unwell after seeing this. I don't know why but this gnome is so utterly disgusting and upsetting looking. Its like if Yoda and a hairless cat mated and that child got fillers and botched plastic surgery. 

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  4. Are we not going to talk about this creature and it's main form of attack which is biting people's genitals?! It has giant long arms perfect for hitting but Gnrom seems to relish jumping up and biting people's junk. I was lying down for this motion picture and each dick chomp made me wish I could lie down harder I felt so unwell.  Is this why he has unsettling human teeth? Is this a Gnorm thing or is this a fighting technique of his people? Perhaps a fight or flight response? All I know is I never want to see a gnome go for someone's crotch again. 

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  5. On 11/9/2020 at 11:11 AM, Cameron H. said:

    Sorry, I’ve been in the weeds this morning. There were quite a few movies I wanted to choose from, but I chose the one described in multiple reviews on Letterboxd as being “the horniest.” You’re welcome.

    We are watching:

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    Currently on Amazon.

    I misread that as Popping and I was seized with a fear that I would have to see another break dancing movie

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  6. 45 minutes ago, austin14 said:

    So I was there at this live show  I had to watch this movie, my god is this one of the worst movies I ever had to watch, So my one correction is the at the beginning the women getting robbed is Gabbi's grandma. So Gabbi and her friends just watch as someone tries to rob her own grandmother and she beats him up. 

    They cheer her on! 

  7. So technically it would be legal for Gabby ( Gabbi?) To run for governor as California is one of the few states with an age requirement of only 18. HOWEVER in 2010 Proposition 14 passed which prohibits write in candidates in the general election. According to the Wikipedia 

    " It was a constitutional amendment that effectively transformed California's non-Presidential elections from first-past-the-post to a nonpartisan blanket primary (similar to a two-round system). This had the unforeseen consequence of effectively eliminating third party candidates from the final ballots. "

    Therefore its my understanding that it would have been impossible for Gabby to have been elected as she was never a part of the primary and had no party. She would be seen as a write in candidate. 

    Regardless wouldn't it just be seen as a typo? Why couldn't they have another emergency election ? I'm sure that could have happened as soon as she was decided the winning candidate. 

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  8. 21 minutes ago, Cinco DeNio said:

    Lily James in Baby Driver had a uniform but I wouldn't call it cute.  Maybe uniforms are making a comeback? If so they're going in the wrong direction.


    Well the fit is awful for starters. It looks like a costume out of a bag. At least Sister's (I absolutely did not learn anyone's name. They are Angry Matthew Crowley, Sad Dad, Xanax mom, Brother, and Sister to me) looked lie somewhat real clothing not something from Spirit Halloween. Or if it was a costume a better grade version you know? It literally still looks wrinkled from the bag.

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  9. 17 hours ago, GrahamS. said:

    I found him psychotically charming, but I’m also psychotic, so make of that what you will. Anyone who carves pumpkins with a butterfly knife is OK in my book. Especially if he gifts that knife to a minor!

    Is that not the traditional "Thank you for letting me stay in your home " gift? All the family's children get knives?

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  10. Its dumb but I really liked the sister's diner outfit. I know that's weird but no diners near me have cute uniforms ( that probably itch and are awful but let me have the fantasy!) And frankly after years of tv and film telling me they would I feel a bit sad. I liked the color combo! Very peppy. Also sidenote on the topic if costumes no woman I know sleeps in underwear and thigh highs. That's... Not a thing.  Sure sleep in underwear I guess but unless those are the socks you wore that day and you were exhausted and just passed out I don't know anyone who's rocking bedtime thigh highs. I myself now have a good sized  collection of very cute (very pricey) pj sets. Because pandemic. Can I go outside? No but I cam wear shorts with beach dogs

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  11. I might be a little behind this week. I've been phone banking all weekend with NARAL . I'm working for Joe Biden tonight !  I'm just excited to be working for someone I actually know and not have to be worried about what district I'm calling that day or pouring over policy even though I probably didn't *need* to do that.  Anyway make sure you jerks vote if you haven't already! Ans be kind to people who call you, we are people too! 

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  12. 19 hours ago, hornacek said:

    Regarding the safety of the Miracles building, the only reason the viewer would think it was unsafe is because the evil developer tells the bald inspector that it's unsafe when he's trying to convince him to foreclose on the building.  It's pretty obvious from that conversation that the developer is just making that up because the bald inspector needs a reason to put on the form as to why the building is being foreclosed.  When Ozone is giving Kelly a tour we don't see anything in any of the rooms indicating the building is unsafe - everything looks fine.  June appears to be basing her entire belief that the building is unsafe on the evil developer saying it is, even though he's never been inside of it.

    I disagree. As a disabled person I would never be able to get into the building. I struggle with stairs. I have friends with walkers and they couldn't use those steps either. How are we supposed to get inside? This building is not accessible. While the movie takes place before the Americans With Disabilities Act passed I'm still calling their asses out because they preach being a place for all the community. Disabled people are part of your community. We want to take part in your classes too, just in ones that accommodate us. Which you CAN do. We can pop and lock too! We just might need breaks.

      Also given the age of the building I'm going to guess that it was made with asbestos and painted with lead paint. Both things you have to be careful about when remodeling. Children are extremely susceptible to lead poisoning . It becomes dangerous when kids chew on lead paint chips (which god knows what children will put in their mouth) , mouthable surfaces like painted mouldings, OR INHALE LEAD DUST FROM FLOOR CRACKS FOR INSTANCE. The kind of dust you might constantly be making while dancing?  

    Given that the building had sat neglected for years what about water damage or termites? I don't know if I just have anxiety and see danger everywhere but that building could potentially be full of issues that your average DIYer would not be aware of. I'm not saying that it should be torn down but I agree it should be looked over and brought up to code if it's going to be used as a place for children to go and learn.

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