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  1. 9 hours ago, Cinco DeNio said:

    I mentioned in the Kast as a kid I wanted to be a war evacuee because of this and the Chronicles of Narnia. I basically was one because my mom had a job where she wss a quality auditor in blood banking and was gone every other week for a week around the country and sometimes internationally. So I had not quite nannies but more than just babysitters.  The Narnia kids mom was still alive when they were sent away because of the bombings fyi. I assumed I would get to goon a magical adventure. One of my one time last minute babysitters let me have Jack in the Box for breakfast and watch Titanic in her room all day. 

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  2. 34 minutes ago, grudlian. said:

    Honestly, Portobello Road and Age Of Not Believing are the two I'd be fine cutting. I don't think they are bad but the movie really feels like it slows down so much during them. It may just be the slow tempo though.

    Age of Not Believing does kind of introduce a problem of the oldest kid not wanting to go then just deciding to go immediately. I'm assuming he was more skeptical in the books

    Angela Lansbury giving up being a witch seems kind of antipodean to the entire movie. She was alway being a good caretaker of the children. They go in a big, fun adventure then it's like "no, you're just living a boring, regular life from now on."

    Probably a not insignificant number of people consider this "too political" now. 

    Portobello Road is a bit too long but I love it. Age of Not Believing can go

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    This is definitely a movie that was on high rotation for me as a child as well. I really like "Portobello Road," "Age of Not Believing," and "Bobbing Along." I agree, I'm not sure how well this holds up without the nostalgia factor, though. I showed this to my kids a few years ago and they really couldn't be bothered.

    It's also funny to me how much I loved the animated sequence as a child, but now I think it's the weakest moment.

    Since I think the comparisons are inevitable, I think Mary Poppins has the better music, and is better done overall, but I think I prefer the story of Bedknobs and Broomsticks  -- even if I'm a little disappointed she gives up being a witch at the end. 

    Agreed It always made me so angry she quit her witchy ways! 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Cameron H. said:

    Yes, Cinco has figured it out! I haven't been able to do much more than test, but it would be nice to get some kind of steady movie watching thing going again.

    Awesome! My other HDTGM movie group typically has stuff tonight and I think we're just doing tv show episodes of Goosebumps tonight so I should be able to do some of that and do Bedknobs so this works perfectly provided my med balance stays as it is and I don't get super sleepy and pass out.  I  never thought I would see the day when I eagerly awaited being stabbed in the neck for my migraines yet I'm counting down the days until the first week of November. 

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  5. On 10/10/2020 at 5:42 PM, Cameron H. said:

    A couple months back, a bunch of us forum folks watched and discussed Purple Rain, and something that struck me watching that movie, and something that continues in Cherry Moon, is that Prince seemed to be  completely unafraid of coming off as the bad guy in movies that centered around him. This is especially evident in Purple Rain where his character, The Kid, is extremely flawed and problematic. I think it would be tempting for a musician at the height of their fame to want to be portrayed on film as a sort of idealized version of themselves, and I find it absolutely fascinating that Prince was unafraid to play the more unsavory characters and allow his co-stars to play the moral centers.

    Similarly, as discussed in the podcast, I always think it's endearing when celebrities allow themselves to come off as goofballs. Especially for someone like Prince dabbles with artifice. It's an interesting juxtaposition to see someone who is both acutely aware of their carefully calculated image and also doesn't really seem to care if that image is slightly tarnished.  

    Honestly, the more I think about Prince, the more I like him.       

    I will still never be over that woman being thrown in a dumpster 

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  6. 3 hours ago, Elektra Boogaloo said:

    I sort of have a Prince story.  Not sure if I should tell it but I will, you guys just be cool. 

    I used to work at a book publisher and we did a book with him. And the contracts person told me that his reps asked that the book contract be printed on purple paper. She said she didn’t have any and I was like, you better get some. But I think she told them no. 

    And this makes me sad. Especially since he died. Like was it too much to go to Office Max and get some colored paper? I bet I would have made the end of his life better.

    I just want it known I will pay double for a book with purple paper? Also this now makes me think of that scene in Legally Blonde with Else's resume which is pink and scented!

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