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  1. On 8/17/2020 at 9:59 AM, DrGuts1003 said:

    I know pre-9/11 airport security wasn’t as stringent as it is today, but how dumb do you have to be to leave your real passport easily found in your luggage?  Is it possible the Finnish hacker wanted to get caught so he didn’t have to get involved with Travolta’s insane antics?

    100%! And in a special pocket!!! Why would you even bring your real passport?!? It's the equivalent of "Oh I can't come out to play my mom says I'm grounded"

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  2. On 8/16/2020 at 5:52 PM, JeffreyMcDonald said:

    Has John Travolta silently snuck his way into becoming the new Nick Cage? 
    Considering some of his roles that I've seen recently...I'm kind of enjoying the unbridled insanity.

    And what is his most unfortunate facial hair + head hair combination?

    • Battlefield Earth
    • Swordfish
    • Killing Season
    • The Fanatic
    • something else?



    This is  UPSETTING. i just ate McDonald's I already don't feel good. I feel UNWELL now.

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  3. 23 hours ago, Ofcoursemyhorse said:

    Out of all of those John Cusack has to be the weakest in the bunch. Cage and Travolta are both capable of turning in interesting performances in otherwise dull movies. Bruce Willis still has the ability to convey some level of charm or charisma even when he's in something he clearly doesnt give a shit about.

    John Cusack was in some movie where he played a contract killer or something with Thomas Jane, and it was midway through when I realized that John Cusack has never really been good in anything and it blew my mind that someone as boring as he is onscreen managed to have such a solid career for as long as he did. 

    But as mentioned on this podcast he is the one Danny Trejo fears most. Plus he's related to the superior Cusack Joan. And not to toot my pop punk past but he has a pretty decent Fall Out Boy song written after him... Like that first album of their's was really good and I cannot stress how much I miss their original sound but I'm getting off topic. 

    Does this make him a good actor? No but it DOES make him vaguely interesting. 

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  4. 20 hours ago, JammerLea said:

    Ahahaha! All the ninja turtles gifs! You know me well!


    I hope you all have been well during this time. I had a bit of a rough week last week, so hopefully this week will be better and perfect for watching a musical.

    After doing extensive research by asking my roommate for ideas I have decided to go with a classic!

      Hide contents


    I have not seen this film in a good while, so it should be fun to revisit. If you want some real torture though, I guess you could watch the original Roger Corman version, but it's not a musical.


    I'm so excited!!! 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Olive_Duster said:

    When Stanley is forced to hack into the Department of Defense‚Äôs system with a gun to his head, he is simultaneously being fellated by one of Soul Patch‚Äôs bimbos, apparently to completion. The only problem with this is that ¬†men only achieve an erection when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, the branch of the autonomic nervous system associated with relaxation. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the ‚Äúfight or flight‚ÄĚ response which would be activated when the gun was put to his head. These two branches of the autonomic nervous system cannot be activated simultaneously and, therefore, I must conclude that Stanley has to be either faking an orgasm or faking his fear. I like to think he was somehow in cohoots with the blonde bimbo whom¬†he met in the yet-to-be-made prequel, ‚ÄėHammerhead‚Äô, which focuses on his obsessive investigation into Holly‚Äôs step-father, the porn producer.


    Also, why did wardrobe dress Holly like she was the understudy for Rhoda?

    Oh he is 100% soft. She also totally spilled tequila on him as someone in the Facebook group mentioned. That can't be pleasant

  6. 1 hour ago, Fast B said:

    *obligatory "long time listener, first time caller" intro*

    Well, we watched this movie last night and I had to finally create an account here to unload my thoughts. ...And wow.

    I haven't listened to the whole episode yet, but right away I was 100% Team Jason: I wish I hadn't seen this movie, it is garbage. And to be fair, I unironically like Hackers, because while it is very stupid and cheesy, they at least tried to depict some of the hacker counter-culture ethos and it is kinda fun (granted it was like they machine-translated it from English to Chinese and back, but they tried). This movie, on the other hand, felt like it was just attempting to be as cruel and mean-spirited as possible at all times, not to mention criminally stupid, e.g. jumping off the cliff.

    I thought I was going crazy with the volume leveling being nuts, glad that wasn't just my imagination. Also, I'm glad somebody (Paul?) mentioned The Matrix, because at some point while watching I turned to my wife and said, "THIS MOVIE IS TRYING SUPER HARD TO BE THE MATRIX, RIGHT?" (caps to depict me trying to talk over the insane noise). It's like they saw that movie and Hackers and took away all the wrong ideas.

    And since I haven't been able to finish the podcast yet, I must ask: are we going to address the Halle Berry hanging scene? Was that¬†really¬†necessary? I (sort of) got Travolta's villainous¬†"put the hacker in insanely stressful situations" schtick, but watching this in 2020 just feels horrible. It's even worse than the terribly aged crypto-fascist undertones of Travolta taking on terrorism By Any Means Necessary‚ĄĘ. In a movie full of stupid and tacky ideas, those beats¬†seem particularly gross.

    I guess the soundtrack was cool though, pity it's associated with this steaming pile.

    Welcome! And I'm so sorry you had to see this movie. It personally made me feel physically unwell. Also yeah seeing a black woman be hung was awful I had to skip the who scene

  7. 16 hours ago, The_Triple_Lindy said:

    Maybe, but as someone who came of age in the 90s, everything about this morning is rather gorgeous to me. That Pac-Sun/proto-Hot Topic look is exactly what I went for ... Jackman would've been for school, Travolta would've been church.

    And since we're on this: my wife can't stand Halle Berry's hair and I couldn't agree more ... that dirty pixie cut by way of weed-wacker ... schwing.

    For the record, I don't claim to have good fashion sense.

    I can safely say that the fact that I drive a manual transmission has prevented my car from being stolen at least once, probably more (since I seem to be break-in prone) -- simply because most people don't know how to drive one.

    But furthermore, that kind of high-performance car doesn't even work like a normal stickshift would. The car probably wouldn't have stalled and jerked as much as it would have peeled out and run straight into the nearest hydrant before Stan would've even known what happened. 

    Oh that little girl was wearing an entire Limited Too and I would have loved it as a kid. The  early 2000's were a dark time

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  8. 1 hour ago, Elektra Boogaloo said:

    About Hugh Jackman's towel. (Which was a formative moment for young Elektra). I believe it is a sarong or a longyi, kind of what surfers wear--which is super in character for a hacker nerd. 

    This was only Hugh Jackman's third American film. So if they had an ending like the Prestige, then it would've been the Prestige that copied Swordfish, I guess. (Except Prestige was based on a book that was published before this so it would've been Prestige copied by Swordfish which was copied by the Prestige.) Very meta. 

    I remember very little of this movie but I have some memories of the press tour. It was all about how Halle Berry got paid extra to show her boobs. And I remember and interview with Hugh Jackman where he was very impressed by John Travolta's knowledge of food. 


    Here is a disturbing video that I never got out of my head: 


    I will be billing you for next week's therapy session

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  9. This movie was a crime against style. No one looked good. Travolta has that landing strip on his face, side highlights, AND A BERET . He goes on about how "clothes make the man" while he's out here looking like a Men's Warehouse reject. High Jackman is playing golf in a bright orange loincloth and has the shittiest earring I ever did see. Poor Halle Berry looks like THAT (IS a goddess not of this world) and they put her in the most God awful fabrics known to man. That blue blousey number?! Did the costume designer just hate everyone on set? I'm not even going to touch on the daughter's clothes

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  10. On 7/31/2020 at 6:47 PM, nthurkettle said:

    Hang on - I ALWAYS peel the entire banana. How else are you going to examine it for gross, bruisy, mushy bits before you eat it? You're just taking bites of your banana BLIND?!? WOW you people live on the edge.

    Or put nutella on it like god intended! 

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  11. Ok so it's been days but I cannot get over g Demi Moore's CURSED bathroom! What . Is. HAPPENING?!   The carpet!!! In a bathroom?!?! That alone is a sin against God and all that is holy and good in this world. But it keeps getting weirder. The very oddly sized looking sofa just... Sitting there? In the middle of the room? The LIFE SIZE JOAN OF ARC STATUE THAT SITS IN THE CORNER OVER THE TUB! I'm sorry I love Joan as much as the next feminist but I don't feel safe with a giant statue staring down at me while I'm naked in the bath! Not only is it creepy I'm now  terrified that it's somehow going to fall into the bathtub on top of me. Because I'm insane. Ditto the chandelier. I've seen Phantom of the Opera. And then there's a creepy you monkey shoved into the rock wall by the toilet and I'm not entirely convinced that it isn't responsible for this cursed nightmare room.


  12. On 7/6/2020 at 12:57 PM, FrancisRizzo3 said:

    When I heard Jason say "hairshirt" my mind immediately went to the Barenaked Ladies' classic song about gender expectations, "What a Good Boy".

    These are some of the lyrics"

    I wake up scared
    I wake up strange
    I wake up wondering if anything in my life
    Is ever gonna change
    I wake up scared
    I wake up strange
    And everything around me stays the same

    It's the hair shirt I wear
    And this hair shirt is woven from
    It's woven from your brown hair


    Is it possible that one of the preeminent Canadian bands was influenced by one of the preeminent Canadian kids films?

    I hate that as a child they were legitimately my favorite band. It was a close call but they beat out the Spice Girls.  Try telling a class full of 4th graders that The Barenaked Ladies are your favorite band when you're Student of the Week.  It's just a mess of awkward giggles and screams at the words naked lady. You have completely lost your audience! No one even wants to hear about  your Beanie Babie collection! And it was impressive( due to parental guilt at having to travel an obscene amount) !

  13. 4 hours ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    Can we talk about how crazy Connie and Suz’s plan is to find Michael and the rest of the kidnapped children?  They have Connie sneak into the back of the Signor’s truck and use a bag of sugar and a funnel, so that he can leave a trail for Suz to follow.  Why allow Connie to be captured like that?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just have both of them tail the Signor’s truck on their bikes?  Or get Suz’s dad to tail him in his car?

    Furthermore, the sugar plan was deeply flawed.  As we saw, the trail could easily be eliminated with something like a street sweeper.  Plus he only had a 4 lb. bag.  It’s unlikely that he has enough sugar to last the whole distance.  I was stunned when Suz rediscovered the sugar trail and said she finally found it after days (plural!) of searching.  You’re telling me that no wind, rain, or traffic disturbed that sugar line in all that time?

    Lastly, when Connie and Suz put this plan into action, the Signor leaves the art shop and asks Suz if she would like to go for a ride.  She says no, she’d rather ride her bike.  So The Signor just leaves her be.  Why was he so polite to her and accepting of her refusal to come along?  Or was he polite to every child and he just succeeded in getting that many kids to willingly come along with him?

    Also didn't it end near a wet street? It looked like she was near a puddle. The sugar would have melted in it even if they had kept going!

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  14. 7 hours ago, DannytheWall said:

    Aren't all these brothers quite suspect? The art dealer clearly works with the criminal Signor. Who else would have fronted the forged paintings? Isn't the Rabbit (a street name if I've ever heard one) admiting that he's still receiving paintings from him? How do we even know if the Doctor ALSO hasn't changed his name and identity at least four times as well? I'm not convinced of his medical knowledge by any means.

    In the podcast, Jason says something about a sequel, but I say, PREQUEL!

    You could go all the way back to when these four brothers were kids. Obviously, the junior Signor has a juvenile criminal history, dragging the others along. And how does Mary even get a recipe for magical hair-growth as one of her "prized possessions" in the first place? I'm seeing things like the kids stumbling onto a quest to create magical paintbrushes, probably each brush with a separate power. There's hair monsters like Looney Tunes' Gossamer or maybe Tribbles. And the day must be saved through the power of-- oh, let's say, love.    

    Clearly the homeless brother was so wracked with guilt by their past crimes and indiscretions he turned to drink and became a hard core alcoholic to deal with his PTSD.

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  15. How on earth did the Signore even get a teaching position with the list bullshit the principal rambled off?! He's been thrown out of two schools, forged famous paintings, and changed his identity 4 times! Do we think this means he's I arrested before and is a known felon?  He has to have been right? This guy definitely has served time. Or has he just always managed to be two steps ahead of the cops? Either way he's got to have investigations open on him and his various identities!

    WHY DID SHE NOT DO A BACKGROUND CHECK BEFORE HIRING THIS GUY?! If she could find all this out why didn't she at least check him out during a trial period at least!  The way it's stated in the movie it sounds like she decided to get this background check done fairly recently, so this must have all been either very public information , this principle has friends in Interpol (I don't know what Canadians have in liue of the FBI), Or she needs to quit her job and open up a detective agency because she's just That Good!

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  16. Ok butI feel like the Signore  was teaching a valid point in his art class that day. Not that you shouldn't have imagination, but that today's lesson was Realism or the study of figure drawing . I don't know much about art so maybe I'm wrong but I feel like there is indeed a time and place for painting/ drawing what is truly there and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I think it's a valid lesson but The Signore is obviously an awful teacher. 

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  17. Ok that mom 100% is leaving that alcoholic dad! He had some kind bed upstairs because he's clearly too sloshed to make it down the stairs after he paints his shitty paintings. Let's be real here he spends most of the time up there drinking. I'm willing to concede *maybe* the mom's dad died and she may even be in Australia to sell the house, but that's just to get a nest egg going to start her new life! Probably in Australia because if I were her I'd want to be as far away from that dysfunction as possible. It's clear from the way Suze acts she's been in this mom role for a while and is used to caring for her dad. Because he's a fucking disaster and can barely function. He needs help. Suze is The only thing holding this family together. The mom has been checked out for a WHILE. Maybe she's having her midlife crisis and is secretly Eat Pray Loving . I don't know. 

    I just know that the children know something is clearly wrong. My mom used to work as a quality auditor in blood banking and would travel around the country for a week every other week. I get missing your mom. But I wouldn't be angry and resentful that my sister was wearing her robe.  It's clearly because they know something is wrong, there is tension there. There is a fear that she won't come back.  I know that international phone calls are pricey but if your child suddenly had a weird unknown medical condition wouldn't you let him call his mother?  Unless you had a very contentious relationship OR SHE WAS GETTING READY TO DIVORCE YOU AND YOU WERE ABOUT TO GO THROUGH THE START OF A SEPARATION! 

    I'm telling you the reason the dad hates Connie is because he mentioned how bad their marriage is because that kid would. 

    The scene after the mom gets in the house after they all settle down is going to start with her telling the kids she has to sit them down and have a talk.

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